What’s better? A solid play or a highlight-worthy play for Sportcenter?

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I was watching SportsCenter like I usually do in the mornings, and as they usually do show the Top 10 highlights of the night. I noticed just a bunch of “circus shots” like Blake Griffin’s falling over himself and shooting it or the ‘ol Jordan windmill layup under the basket.

Being as old as I am, I remember that these shots used to end up on an NBA bloopers VHS tape. Now, these are the “top” plays on an NBA game night. Not to mention the enormous amount of H.S. games that SportsCenter shows of full court shots by kids to end games.

THIS IS NOT! BASKETBALL. Not at all. I want to see more plays which show a point guard’s court vision, a big man passing out of the post to a cutter or sweet play in the final seconds of a game where an shooter gets open and nails the game winner. Its important also for the young kids out there in youth leagues, high school and college to learn that you have to play the whole game, practice hard and use your own passion to make a play which will define you. But it won’t be cut into a highlight though, won’t be shown later that night and no one will talk about it. THAT IS NOT WHY YOU PLAY THE GAME.

It is normal though. I grew up night after night watching SportsCenter and the highlights of all the NBA games. It was awesome to see a whole game capsulated in the span of 3 minutes. The next day I would go to school, classes or work and talk about it with my buddies. I’d even go on the court and try to copy some of the moves I saw on TV, like Dwayne Wade’s spin move which to me looks like he is on one of those moving flat escalators at the Airport it is so fluid. Or who didn’t try to copy Jordan during his career? Magic or Bird?

What changed me was when I heard about how Michael used to plead with his mother to keep taking shots after dark when it was time for dinner or how Larry Bird would shoot for hours at the Garden, perfecting his motion. I thought, THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME.

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  1. Tom Wilson, 10 years ago Reply

    Todays game is built around flash and pizaz…If you want fundamental basketball you gotta either watch college or the few teams in the league that practice and play it…Celtics…Lakers…Spurs…etc…The young players coming up these days have no respect for that type of basketball.

    • Eric Labrador, 10 years ago Reply

      The European invasion in the NBA over the last 10 years, I think will reverse this trend because it shows that “solid plays” translate to wins. As fans we can sharpen our eyes when watching our favorite teams.

  2. Patrick Sicher, 10 years ago Reply

    I am all about the play that scores points. If you have fifty highlight dunks a game against a team that has 49 bounce pass layups (and nothing else) the score is going to be 100-98, so as long as the points are being scored, it doesnt matter to me how.

    • Tom Wilson, 10 years ago Reply

      But watching Blake is pretty fun too ;)

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