What’s Cooking? A Recipe to Build a Champion:

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Team success most would say is a combination of player skill, good coaching, strong player drafting and great team chemistry.

But what if this notion is all wrong? What if there’s an alternative route to becoming a Champion in this league. With only 5 players on the court at a time, its plain to see that player skill above all else is key to team success.

The past couple season’s (more this current one) we have seen a change in the way that teams build their rosters. Throughout time, teams have always tried to have the best players on their teams, but not until recent years have we seen such a swift swing in the league where parity is dwindling and you’re either good or bad.

The traditional approach to effective roster management is build a team through the draft and free agency. If the draft lottery balls bounce your way and your scouts do their jobs well than you end up like the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are the perfect model to use as an example. Impeccable drafting and key free agent pick-ups have made the Thunder the definition of a team that builds a champion contender from within. Other great examples of teams that have drafted superbly and built from inside are the Spurs and Grizzlies. Other teams like the Kings, Warriors, Clippers, Pacers and Timberwolves are all teams to watch over the next few seasons.

The complete opposite end of the pendulum of building a champion has been witnessed the past few years. First we had the construction of the “Big 3″ in Boston with Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. This recipe of bringing together 3 All-Stars and bringing in a supporting cast worked as the Celts eventually won the Championship. Since than, we have seen the Heat and Knicks follow a similar pattern by stocking their roster with major Superstar talent and filling the roster with free agents and veteran minimum contracts. It is still yet to be seen if this technique of building a contender is one that can sustain its luster for many year or just be a temporary success.

Only time will tell which team will rise above the rest and dominate the league for years. The Celtics have been great for a few years, yet only have 1 championship to show for it. Every NBA G.M thinks they have built their team to win at all, yet only1 will win. As the Playoffs approach we will finally see which team will rise to the occasion.

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