Where’s The Answer?

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Allen Iverson was drafted 1st overall in 1996 by the Philadelphia 76ers.  His play resulted in him winning the Rookie of the Year Award and he ran a muck throughout the league.  He averaged 24 points per game and 8 assists per contest and took a 76er team to new levels all in one year.

He had a career that was legendary.  he was known as “The Answer”, and he truly was just that.  Whenever the Sixers needed a bucket, they knew they could put the ball in his hands and more often than not he would come through in the clutch.  He was a player that instilled fear in opponents eyes whenever he had the ball in his hands.  He had dribbling skills as if the ball was taped to his hands.  His speed was unbelievable to watch as he weaved his way in and out of “traffic” as he drove through to the lane for a contested or uncontested basket.

Iverson’s career reached its greatest height in the 2000-2001 season when he led his Sixers squad to the Finals (eventually losing) and won the league MVP award.  He was especially unstoppable in an incredible playoff match up versus Vince Carter and The Toronto Raptors when he scored multiple 50+ point games in a 6 game series that The Sixers won.

Iverson was building his legend and it’s tough to imagine how a player who once was on his way to becoming one of the greatest players of all time is now nothing more than a joke.  He was so good, it’s hard to believe that he’s now nothing more than a role player in a Turkish Basketball League.  The NBA didn’t want him, the Euro-league didn’t want him and he had no choice but to play wherever someone was willing to pay.

Iverson bounced around the NBA at the end of us his career playing for Denver, Detroit and Memphis. His career plummeted as injuries and an extremely clear lack of interest all but ended his NBA life.  No other team was willing to take a chance, and to be honest it’s plain to see why.  He was a cancer on the teams he played for and it was too much of a distraction for any team to gamble on.

It’s no doubt that he was and may still be an offensive juggernaut, but his play at the end of his career in the NBA and his ability to make his teammates better made him irrelevant.  He has become just “another player”

Allen Iverson, The Answer is now nothing more than just a question.

How is it, that a former NBA MVP could play so poorly and care so less that he is now a Basketball Player for Besiktas in The Turkish Basketball League.  It’s scary to imagine the numbers he would have put up if he would have stayed healthy and kept his mind in the game for an additional 5 seasons.

Iverson is now an afterthought.  He will always be remember as that spark plug and former MVP who just gave up.  A man with so much skill all but walked away from the league.  He couldn’t fit in with his former peers.  He will stay in the record books.  He was an NBA MVP, a Scoring Champion, Rookie of the Year and took his team to the Finals, but will forever be known as The Answer that has too many Questions!

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  1. H. Caesar, 9 years ago Reply

    What a pity

    I used to admired this player. I bet for the sixers when they played the finals and I have a shirt.

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