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With everything going on in sports of all kinds we rarely get the opportunity to see any of the “daddies”. Whether it’s a biological father, stepfather, father figure, grandpa, uncle or older brother; there has to be a “male” in the past of these athletes who have helped to make them who they are today. I know everybody has a story and I’m not here to exploit anyone specifically however with all of these reality shows like Basketball Wives, Football Wives and the countless Real Housewives of “enter state of your choice” why hasn’t anyone thought of coming up with something about the men?

I know us women bring a lot of drama to the shows with all our caddy gossiping and nice clothes etc, but how interesting would it be to actually see things from a father’s point of view. Since we’ve been in the NBA, I say as a figure of speech, I’ve met fathers of all kinds. There are those who have been in there son’s lives from day one, some who where part-time dads and some who where not there at all. Whatever the story is, I believe they should have a voice, whether big or small, they need to be heard from…I think.

Last week my identity was revealed which is kind of cool. I’ve recieved permission from my “roommates” (my kids) to share their identities as well which I deem a necessity because I refer to them a lot when I’m talking, writing, tweeting and facebooking. So, here they go:

LEROY age 24- I affectionately call him Dymond and on twitter he goes by @FollowYaBoyRoy. He got his nick-name from my father who always said I would have the world’s biggest diamond (I spelled it different). He’s my 1st born and although he ‘s been driving me crazy sometimes lately I know I can depend on him for just about anything. He’s very down to earth and VERY frugal! What can I say but he’s a college student making every penny count.

MICHAEL age 22- He’s still Lil’ Mike to me even though he’s bigger than Big Mike. His twitter name is @RealMikeBeasley and he’s the jokester of the family, always has been and I’m sure he always will be. Even though he’s a superstar in the public world he’s still just one of the kids to us and believe me when he comes around he and the kids still fuss and fight like he’s still living under the same roof… Some things will never change and I hope they never do!

MYCHAELA age19- She’s my twin…literally! We are so much alike it’s scary sometimes. Her twtter name is @MissBEZ bu we call her Kayla and it’s not “Chaela” and she’ll let you know that too. She has a bit of a spicy temper but genuinely sweet as long as you don’t cross her. She’s also a freshman at Kansas State University and proud to be a Wildcat!

MALIK age 13- Malik is like Dennis the Menace! He’s always into something that he has know business being in. I’ve always thought I should have written little stories as he was growing up and titled them “The Adventures Of Malik”. Malik doesn’t have a nickname, I just change the tone in how I call him depending on what mess he’s gotten into at the time. LOL! In the last 3 months Malik has grown at least 3 inches (5’10”) and get this, he wants to play FOOTBALL! NFL here we come! He’s rarely tweets on twitter unless he’s mentioned and at that point he just makes his presence known to defend himself. He’s more of a TWatcher and calls himself @SexyMalik4Ever… Go figure!

TIFFANY age 7- YES! This grown woman is on twitter too and she goes by @TiffanyZWorld. This little mama is always saying something that makes me look at her twice. She definitely keeps the whole family on our toes and if Lil’ Mike has a twin as far as personality it’s her! She speaks her mind about any and everything and is very OPPINIONATED! So if you can’t handle the truth I would suggest you not even enter a conversation with her…consider yourself WARNED!

JA’KIRA age 18- This is my niece who’s been in my care for the last 3 years. We call her Kira but on twitter she changes her name so often that I only know it’s her if I see her picture but right now she is @immacelebpretty. She’s about this big ? . too. Lol! She definitely gets her height from her grandma who maybe the same height. Kira has the creative gene that my sister and I possess and I’m sure it’ll come in handy more often than not. She’s also decided to take her freshman talents to Kansas State University. Go Cats!

Here are a few more family members that will be mentioned often and it’s sort of fun to follow us all to get a better understanding of just who we are:

• @msvonvonboo – My sister and business partner Mona. We know we love each other without question but never had to speak the words. We just don’t but we do! She also has a husband TomTom and a out of control Baby Tom!
• @GottaLuvGramma – My siblings mother when she’s getting on my nerves and my mother when she’s not! LOL!
• @The5ftGiant – My LITTLE brother Arty. I think he’s 5’2” and swears I robbed of his height. He’s a basketball phinatic and has an AAU Basketball program called Tripple Threat
• @MISScleanclean – That’s Milecent! She takes care of us all!

Others will be mentioned as time goes on but it’s way too many to mention now. Besides I wanna get to some questions.

RichieMarch 19, 2011
Wow sick!
Hey Mama whats it like seeing your son go from a pretty decent in South Beach team to a team in “rebuild” mode…seems like the wolves just can’t get their s__ together after they lost KG !!!

Richie, Wow! Is that how you see it? I see it as him still playing in the NBA and the move for Michael has been great in my opinion. I like the fact that he is with a team that he can actually have fun with again. Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves are a work in progress and I believe with a few tweaks here and there they’ll be just fine.

ZigMarch 19, 2011
I saw that nasty foul last night….it must be scary seeing something like that happen to your son !!!

ZIGGGG! I fell asleep 2 minutes before it happened… I’m so glad I did because by the time I found about it the next morning I had already gotten the word that he was fine. BUT, when I saw it with my own eyes for the first time I was like @_@ No matter how many times I see it, especially in slow motion, I cringe! Not just because he’s my son either. I just thank God that he was able to bounce right back up and I’m sure that Mr. Bynum didn’t realize his own strength…at least I hope that’s the case.

BalllllinMikeMarch 19, 2011
Never woulda guessed Mama…I mean FATIMA! now I know who u r, i cant wait to hear some cool stories about Mike and your life!

Hey Baller… While, I can’t promise you stories of Mike but I can find a few chuckles of myself!

El Hadji BeyeMarch 21, 2011
Oh Wow, I would’ve not guessed that one. Although Beasley is a Beast (on the court I mean), I was out of the loop on guessing your identity.
I’m glad he made the move to the Twolves, he’s having his best year so far.
thanks for all your posts and valuable input on a family perspective.

El… Anytime!

WildCatCameronMarch 22, 2011
FATIMA!!! Ur back. Cant wait to read more! Hows Minnesota treating you guys?

YES I AM!!! Glad to be back too! Minnesota is great for Mike, I visit when I can. I’m back in MD working on a project. I’ll keep you updated!

Well, this has been a little lengthy folks and it’s game time! Don’t forget to catch me on Twitter at @2bFatima

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    Fatima…Great blog..been following you for the past few months….Did any of your other kids have a chance to play ball ? Was Dymond a baller? I would imagine him and Mike had a few heated 1-1′s growing up?

  2. MelanyeRyder, 9 years ago Reply

    Fatima, love reading ur blog. I play high school ball myself and am hoping to go and play college basketball as well. I’d love some insight into College life from ur kids and sports…maybe get a different angle on college sports!!! Loooooove ur blog, keep it up!!!

  3. Allen S., 9 years ago Reply

    You are right Fatima…the fathers never get any respect….we all love our mamas…but our fathers contributions often go over looked!!

  4. JonnyP, 9 years ago Reply

    Sounds like u got urself quite the handful there Fatima! Hopefully u keep these great blogs coming and we learn some cool stuff!

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