Wild, Wild, West er East?

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What have we learned this year?  That’s a great question.  The elite appear to be the elite, and the weaker teams are playing like weak teams.  Early season predictions had the usual suspects projected at the top of the standings, and to no one’s surprise that’s exactly where they sit.

What’s surprising is how open the league is becoming.  With the exception of  The Spurs who are apparently running away with the West with a 5.5 game lead over the Mavericks, no team looks safe.  Don’t get me wrong, the teams that are atop the standings are playing well and deserve to be up there.  What’s odd is how frequently the power shift appears to be changing.  The elite teams win a few games in a row, then lose to lower echelon teams.  Then win some more, then lose again. 

-The Heat at times look untouchable.
-The Bulls look like they can be a force to reckon with come playoff time.
-The Celtics look like the Celtics, except for some reason they traded away Kendrick Perkins and weakened their stellar defence.
-The Magic are shooting the lights out from 3 point range and can outscore seemingly any team in the league. 
-The Lakers are well, the Lakers.
-The Mavs look as deep as they ever have, and ready to make a run to the Finals.
-The Spurs play like they are 1 player.

And even with all of these teams playing so amazing, we have The Knicks and Carmelo Anthony looking like a team to watch, The Hawks still not going anywhere and of course The Thunder looking ready to take a run at The Western Conference with the addition of Perkins.

Some would say there is no parity in the NBA.  There’s all of these groupings of Superstar players all over the league.  There will always be teams with more money to spend and with better players, and this version of The NBA is no different.  Those who say the league is one-sided should take a closer look at the landscape of the league.  There may be super teams with super groupings of players, but if you take a more objective look you will see that the league is deep…very deep.  Even the teams with losing records have young quality players, who if given time to mature will turn into the Superstars of tomorrow.

The Clippers, Kings, Raptors, Pacers, Bucks, Timberwolves and Nets are filled with young stars who are ready to take that next step and help turn their teams into playoff contenders.

The one problem, unfortunately is the looming labor negotiations that are holding the players, owners and fans hostage as we wait to see if their will be a season next year.

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