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I recently wrote that Udonis Haslem was my favorite player in the NBA. I love players that do the  work and don’t have their names on the marquis. The truth is, every team needs “that guy”. The guy you know will do the little things so the superstars don’t have to. The guy who will step in front of a human freight train like LeBron James  to take a charge he will be feeling for three days. The guy who goes a whole season without having his number called, but still manages to average a double double.

Superstars are superstars because they have a measure of selfishness that has allowed them to ascend to the pinnacle of their sports. That is why you need  to counterbalance that with guys who play unselfish and allow the superstars to be the superstars. Udonis Haslem is one of those guys. The Heat have another guy in Joel Anthony who is content with being strictly a defensive presence on a team that is overloaded with offensive talent.

The problem is that unless you are a diehard fan who watches every game closely, it is hard to recognize “that guy” unless they play for your team. So it is time for you guys to nominate your teams MVRP, or Most Valuable Role Player. Or nominate somebody else in the league who has caught your eye.

It is time these guys get some recognition. State your case for who you think is the NBA’s  MVRP.

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  1. Harold, 9 years ago Reply

    I agree that these are the guys that most people forget. These are the grinders in the league. I think of Reggie Evans and Zach Randolph. Although they are much more high profile, they are those guys that do the dirty work!

  2. James Moody, 9 years ago Reply

    Hedo Turkoglu is probably Magic’s MVRP :P

  3. Lakers Fan, 9 years ago Reply

    I think Ron Artest settled in nicely for the lakers as a great role player….I thnk you can pick from a hat any number of Bostons players who fit that model as well

  4. CJ, 9 years ago Reply

    Its a shame the player you mention above are getting fewer and fewer replaced by the high flyers who care nothing more then getting on the top ten dunk of the week. Udonis I would agree is a great example of this type of heart that you dont find very often these days in players

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