Eastern Conference 1st Round Matchup: Heat vs 76ers

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Heat fans will recognize that number as the historically bad shooting night Chris Bosh had against the Chicago Bulls in a 93-89 loss on February 24.

According to Bodog.net., it is also the odds payout on Miami winning their first round series against the Philadelphia 76ers  In other words, the odds makers are saying that Philadelphia has as much of a chance to win this series as Zsa Zsa Gabor has of seeing the baby she plans on “having”.

The Sixers are a great story. A 17 game turnaround from last year and a developing core of young players has given the City of Philadelphia another team they can root for with unrealistic expectations. Doug Collins should be Coach of the Year (Sorry Thibs fans) and Jrue Holiday is overcoming a horribly spelled variant of Drew to become a budding star.

But are the Sixers going to be playing for anything other than to avoid getting swept? They are going to spew all the old clichés of “hopefully we can come out and hopefully surprise them in Game 1” and then “hopefully hold serve at home and hopefully come back to Miami needing to hopefully win one game to close them out.”

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. But not realistically.

Realistically, this series is nothing more than two extra gate receipts for the Sixers organization and the always important “first playoffs where a young team gets bounced but gains valuable experience” series.

Everybody is going expect LeBron James to dominate, but Dwyane Wade will take over this series. Wade averaged 30/8/8 in three games this season against the Sixers and they still don’t have anybody to stop him. And that Chris Bosh dude I mentioned before? He is pretty good too.

My prediction is Heat in 4. But since anybody can make a pick like that, here are some more interesting predictions for the series.

The best quarter the Sixers will play all series will start at 3:30 pm on Saturday. Even then, it might only be 10 minutes.

Miami will have a 20 point lead in the second quarter of every game.

Philadelphia will make a run in the second half to give their fans a glimmer of hope, only to see Miami pull away and close it out.

Miami will win every game by double digits, unless they allow Jamaal Magloire to start jacking threes just for fun.
Heat sideline reporter Jason Jackson (the man Craig Sager wishes he dressed like) will receive (and answer) no less than 237 tweets asking about the status of Udonis Haslem for the 2nd round. (Be sure to follow him @TheJaxShow and find out more about how ascots are making a comeback)

Joel Anthony will blow a dunk. I love “The Warden” for his commitment to defense and hustle, but he shoots the ball like the rim insulted his mom.

James Jones will average 20 minutes a game, but will somehow only dribble the ball 5 times the entire series.

Jason Kapono will remember fondly when he was James Jones with better hair.

Things will get chippy because everybody thinks the way to beat Miami is to bully them. My guess is Andres Nocioni tries to start something during game 2, only to have Zydrunas Ilgauskus stare him back to the bench.

Overall, the people who think this series will go 5 are the people who cover the Sixers who are hoping they will get to bring their talents to South Beach twice and the fan base, who thinks they can win in 5 (of course they also expect the Flyers to hoist the Stanley Cup in a few months).

For all the questions that have surrounded the Miami Heat, the one regarding their ability to turn it on for the playoffs will not be answered with this series. That will have to wait for round 2.

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  1. Tony Monaco, 8 years ago Reply

    Miami does not play D…Until they prove they can I don’t think they’re going nowhere fast !! If Philly is healthy they will give them a run..Miami in 6

    • Patrick Sicher, 8 years ago Reply

      Miami is the only team in the league that is a top 5 offense and top 5 defense.

      • Tony, 8 years ago Reply

        I don’t care what it says on paper….The Heat have Gaping Holes down low…No chance do they go past the 2nd round…NO CHANCE!!!!

        • Patrick Sicher, 8 years ago Reply

          Gaping holes down low? Joel Anthony is a tremendous defender.

          And in the second round they face Boston or New York (barring a Pacers upset) and the only player Boston has that would match up horribly down low for Miami plays in Oklahoma City now. And if NYK get by, Joel Anthony owns Amar’e.

          And how can you say it doesnt matter what it says on paper? The paper says that Philly is NOT healthy, with AI and Lou Williams both battling knee injuries.

          You probably think Rose is the MVP, right?

          • Tony, 8 years ago

            Bosh is weak on the boards …Joel Anthony is a liability that couldn’t hit a 2 footer if his life depended on it…I don’t doubt that the Heat will dispose of philly fairly easy but they better pray they don’t run into Boston 2nd round….Garnet owns Bosh…and I don’t think Miami would stand a chance in a 7 game series against the C’s

            Drose is the MVP 100%

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