Favorite Plays of the 2010-2011 Season

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Before tonight’s games tip off, 2,374 of the 2,460 games that will be played in the 2010-2011 season are in the books already. We’ve seen a bit of everything this year from spectacular dunks, to out-of-this-world blocked shots, to buzzer beating game winners, and everything in between. After going back through five and a half months worth of highlights, these made the cut as my favorite plays from this season.

I feel bad for making Timofey Mozgov the subject of my first highlight, but any dunk that makes me use your name as a verb for the rest of the season when referring to others getting dunked on is top play worthy in my book.

In sticking with the dunk theme I had to include JR Smith’s sheer embarrassment of Gary Neal. The call by Kevin Harlan of “We just saw a man fly” pretty much sums it up.

Speaking of announcer calls, Chicago Bulls announcer Stacey King gets my vote for best call of a dunk this year. As good as the dunk was by Ronnie Brewer, King’s 40 seconds of pricelessness is top quality. “Don’t to run Josh McRoberts, we saw you, and it’s a poster!”

Kevin Durant’s buzzer beating game winner against the Knicks was a thing of beauty. It was almost as nonchalant as he appears to be the majority of the time. A few dribbles towards the sideline and a pull-up in Gallinari’s grill. Game Over. His reaction after he hits the shot was one of “Yeah I’ve done this before”.

As cool & calm as Durant was for his game winner against the Knicks, the victory lap Paul Pierce took in MSG was borderline tacky, but it still makes it because of the fact the did it in the “Mecca of Basketball”.

Ray Allen’s record breaking three-point shot against the Lakers had to make it. 2,561 threes for a career is pretty remarkable, and he’s not done yet. The moment couldn’t have happened to a classier, more professional player. And the shot of, always present mom Flo makes it that much better.

I had a hard time deciding between JaVale McGee’s swat that sent Blake Griffin’s shot about 30 rows deep at Staples and his block/craddle/steal on Wesley Matthews. I’m not sure how it got classified on the stat sheet, but I’m positive it makes my season highlight list.

With apologies to Gary Neal and San Antonio Spurs fans I had to put him back on the list for not learning after being posterized once. He decided to try his luck one more time at taking charge against Tyreke Evans. He didn’t get the call. He did get himself on his second poster of the season though.

Glen Davis was on a break-a-way, all by himself. This was his moment to shine, to make a highlight for throwing down a vicious dunk. Well he made a highlight, not the way he wanted.

With the way the Miami Dolphins’ season went last year they could’ve used more passes like the one Dwayne Wade threw to LeBron, 90 feet, on the money.

Vince Carter hasn’t been making many highlights lately, certainly not for passing. He did both in a game earlier this season against the Clippers. I’m still not sure how the ball didn’t end up about 20 rows deep in the stands.

I couldn’t leave this one out. Poor J.J. Reddick. Or should I say, “Poor J.J. Reddick’s ankles”. Can we get a guy with a mop out here please, we’ve got shattered ankle fragments everywhere.

I’m quickly realizing that coming to a stopping point isn’t going to happen unless I make it so I’m going to stop there. Did I leave anything out? Yeah, and I’m sure you’ll let me know which dunk, steal, block, game winner, or crossover I should’ve included. So let’s hear it. Drop a link to the videos you want to see in the comments and I’ll make a second post called “Readers Favorite Plays of the 2010-2011  season” with your selections included.

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  1. Matt, 9 years ago Reply

    Amazing Javale MCGEE !!!! What a huge block!

    Follow me on twitter @mhbkill

  2. Jake, 9 years ago Reply

    Swish is dirty. Dunk of the year. ALthough VC’s pass was off the hook

  3. RyanZ, 9 years ago Reply

    Fat Baby is what he should be called. He couldnt even put that away. That was so funny!! Great list!

  4. Jonhson, 9 years ago Reply

    Anything with Steve Nash is the best. One of the best PG’s of all time!

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