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I have one word for the Orlando vs Charlotte game – Arenas!

I have one word for Arenas – WOW!

I am absolutely ecstatic that Arenas had a brilliant game where he moved freely, shot freely and played freely.  Personally I am a huge fan of Gilbert Arenas. I was gutted when I heard he was suspended for the gun prank he pulled in his days at Washington. I was even more hurt when I heard he needed to have knee surgery. When he came to Orlando, I was so pumped that one of my favourite players was coming to play for my favourite team! Until I watched him and it looked as if he was a 35 year old man playing his last year due to the ongoing knee problems. Yes, he did have flashes of brilliance here and there but couldn’t do it consistently.

The main reasons he couldn’t play well according to his standards was because:

1. His knee problems were persisting. Now there is not much we can do about that, except treat it with care, monitor it and give it rehab.


2. He felt pressured to go out and dominate the game like he used to. Now we CAN do something about that. I mentioned in my last blog that Howard spoke to Gilbert that he needs to play on his merits. No pressure but move freely and get into the flow of the game. The biggest problem Arenas had was the fact that he had to shoot, and learn how to distribute the ball, where and when to a brand new team and structure. I believe Arenas really struggled with that.

Meanwhile, in the Orlando vs Charlotte game, Arenas was the starting SHOOTING GUARD, (instead of back up point guard) as J-Rich sat out with sore knees. Gilbert entered that game with no pressure and a different mentality – “I was just going to shoot it,’’ Arenas said. “Usually when I come into a game I’m thinking about distributing it and shooting it second, but since I was at shooting guard, I thought I might as well go out there and be a scorer for the first time.”

Did that make a difference? Arenas had his finest game in a Magic uniform. He scored 25 points and made 9 of 14 shots and 6 of 11 3-pointers in 45 minutes to eclipse his previous high of 22 points in a Magic uniform.

Again, I’ll say about Arenas – WOW!

I believe Stan Van Gundy, with the 3 day break will be thinking about tinkering with the positions and game plan as he thinks about Arenas spending more time as a SG.  This may be the key to make a huge play for the playoffs campaign. I pray that Arenas will have a fine playoffs campaign today marked the first time he has been part of a 50 win team.

Go Magic!

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    Gilbert looked great last night….goes to show what he is still capable of IF he is given minutes and the confidence of his team mates and coach….Perfect timing as well !!

  2. Tommy Gunn, 9 years ago Reply

    So stoked about GA…if he can get his shit together for playoffs..>WATCH OUT!!!!

  3. Christensen Servas, 9 years ago Reply

    JRich rotating on the 2 and 3 spots while coming off the bench will spell C H E M I S T R Y for the Magic. Arenas is as deadly as anybody on the perimeter.He will benefit from a great inside threat(Howard).If they learn to complement each others strength they are up to challenge for a title.

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