Game 4 Recap: Orlando v Atlanta

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This game was crucial for both teams, and it showed in the game. Atlanta threatened to run away, but Orlando rallied back, twice! In the end, the game was decided by one last 3 pointer by Orlando to send the game into overtime, but it was a miss by Turkoglu that ended the game. Just like the other 21 that Orlando missed. They shot 2-23 three pointers. Ball Game right there. Atlanta took the 3-1 lead winning 88-85, putting the pressure on Orlando in Game 5 back at their hometown.

Jamal Crawford continued his stellar playoff form scoring 25 points. With his average of 24 points, Jamal has been the most consistent player of this series. Something that Orlando is lacking right now. Dwight Howard was his usual superhuman self keeping Orlando in the game with his 29 points and 17 rebounds. Every time Orlando gets back into the game, Atlanta always have the answer back.

Joe Johnson’s clutch plays led the way for Atlanta to win scoring the last 10 points (Including 4 important free throws). Although the good news for Magic fans is that after missing the second half of Game 2 and sitting out all of Game 3, Gilbert did his best to ease the pain of losing J-Rich (Orlando’s second leading scorer) to suspension by scoring 20 of his own. With his play making skills and lethal drive, it was like watching him back in his younger days. If Arena’s can back it up and have J-Rich and Nelson step up, Atlanta better watch out.

But for now, it is Magic that need to tread carefully as they are on the brink of elimination. If they lose one of the next three, they are gone. All there hard work wasted, the big trade not sastifying expectations. But Howard has set the tone for the team to win three straight. “I just told the team if they don’t still believe that we can win the series to stay in Atlanta, We just have to believe and guys have to make shots.’’

Making shots is a good start, especially three pointers. Van Gundy pointed out that “Our guys are at the point where they are throwing it up there and not expecting it to go in, You have to get yourself through these things and a big, big part of being a professional athlete is being able to handle the slumps and tough times and keep your head into it and bounce back.”

If Magic improve their 3 point shooting, it will be game on in Game 5. We will find out the true spirit of the players on Magic’s roster. I would suggest you tune in on Tuesday as we are in for a huge match!

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