Game 5 Recap: Lakers vs Hornets

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Somebody send Kobe Bryant’s ankle the memorandum that it’s supposed to be injured. After Tuesday’s game, many have noticed Kobe probably had good reason to deny an MRI: his ankle will be just fine. Phil Jackson revealed in an interview that he was unsure of how well Bryant would be able to play in future playoff games; Tuesday’s game 5 indicates he might not have to worry much. Lakers’ number 24 put up 19 points, including points scored from the slam dunk in Okafor’s face, and the southpaw dunk. With these kinds of stats, it doesn’t look like the ankle will be an issue.

The Hornets came out strong in the first quarter; Landry was threatening as he has always been and New Orleans led the game for the bulk of the period. They were ahead of the Lakers by 8 points because they exceeded the Lakers’ defense, shooting at 81%. But by the second period, and for the remainder of the game, Lakers were able to cut that shooting down by an averaged 42%. In the first half alone, Bryant put up 13 points in the second quarter, while CP3 added 11 points by the half and 8 assists (for a total of 20 points and 12 assists). The 31-19 Hornet lead was outwitted and undermined, allowing the Lakers to take a 54-51 lead into halftime.

By the second half, the Lakers dominated defensively allowing them to take a 3-2 lead in the series, with the final score of 106-90. In order for Hornets to compete, they’re going to need to look to more than just CP3, the well established leader for New Orleans this series. They’ve done an overall exceptional job looking to Landry and Okafor, but they’re going to have to find some dependable answer to the Lakers’ impeccable stars—all five of them put up double digits, and six Lakers in total had double digit points. Lately, and understandably, Hornets have relied heavily on CP3’s scoring. If Hornets want to even the series and force a game 7, they need to revert back to how they started the series: Stop the Lakers’ D! Ron Artest’s monster D was able to stop CP3—forcing his shots and baskets to a standstill when needed.

Some good news for Hornets is game 6 is in New Orleans, so NOLA fans can hope being at home helps them fight off elimination. The way Lakers have been playing (highly inconsistent), they stand a good chance at doing so.

Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, though, The Ankle will not be a barrier for the Lakers.

Catch game 6 on TNT as the Big Easy hosts the City of Angels at 8 PM Eastern.

You can also catch me tweeting the game at @NicholasV1980.


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