Games 3 and 4 Recap: Lakers vs Hornets

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Laker fans breathed a sigh of relief after game 3’s victory, but after game 4, the Los Angeles vs. New Orleans series is yet again tied, currently 2 apiece. The difference between game 2 and game 3 was Gasol who finally came to life scoring 17 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1 blocked shot. But there was a huge turnaround in game 4 when Kobe Bryant, who scored 30 points, six rebounds and three steals in game 3, didn’t score at all in the first half. In total, he only pulled up 17 points, 10 less than the Hornets’ Chris Paul. Many, including myself, have made predictions that the undoubtedly more skilled Lakers would sweep the Hornets. But after the performance of Sunday’s game, Lakers cannot doubt this will be a tough series.

So how did the Hornets win game 4? CP3. His rebounds, 27 points, and tenacious answer to the Lakers’ defense helped New Orleans defeat the Lakers 93-88. Additionally, Kobe’s ankle injury didn’t help. After he twisted it in play, Bryant returned to the game with no answer for the Hornets. With the series tied, it’s anybody’s series. Hornets have already proven their ability to win on the road against the Lakers as they did in game 1; additionally, they have already proven their ability to withstand their tremendous size/talent disadvantage. In fact, the Hornets have proven to everyone that heart is just as much of a determining factor in winning games as anything else sports analysts tackle in conversation. If you’re a Laker fan, you’ve got to hope that Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and whoever else is able to find some motivation for the team; so far, the heart of the Hornets is pulsating too intensively for the defending champs to keep up with.

The good news for Laker fans is that Los Angeles has faced this kind of playoff adversity before. In 2010 against OKC, Lakers struggled against the lower seeded team to the point that the Los Angeles sports radio world began to doubt their team. But alas, they overcame. Good news, though, for the Hornets fans is 2010 is history and this is 2011: To date, Ariza, Okafor, and CP3 have been putting up numbers on the board to compete with the Lakers and cause them playoff trouble. Undoubtedly, any professional opinions about who will walk away the victor in this series are highly debatable; only time will tell. If the 6’0” CP3 continues to be the Lakers’ nightmare, outscoring the Black Mamba as he did in game 4, New Orleans very well may advance in the playoffs if the Lakers don’t find an answer fast.

To continue in the playoff saga, catch game 5 as Los Angeles Lakers host New Orleans Hornets Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 10:30 PM (Eastern) on TNT.

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