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3-2-1… And just like that, it’s over. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m speaking of my “vacation”… Well, my version of a vacation is not what most people choose to do with a full week with no kids around. Most folks would probably be somewhere with their feet kicked up and maybe a pina colada or some other fruity drink in hand however that certainly wasn’t the case for me. My week has been filled with slow moving contractors who have had the top floor of my house flipped upside down for a MONTH and still counting! Milecent (@Misscleanclean) and myself have swapped hats this week by becoming painter, carpenters and designers along with our normal routines as well just to speed the work up a little. I have been in Home Depot and True Value hardware stores enough times this week to be offered coffee in the employee lounge…now that’s just sad. Nonetheless, when the job is finally over (whenever that may be) it will be worth it just to have added a 9×9 prime piece of real estate to my bedroom, formerly known as my oldest daughter’s closet! That’ll teach her to go off to college and leave me…LOL!

Tiffany called me this morning from the airport to complain that she almost missed her flight back home because Mychaela and Ja’kira were walking too slow to get her thru the security gate. She sounded so upset that I had to stop what I was doing to address her request, “Mommy, can you just yell at them for like 1 minute straight because I am so PISSED?!” After getting Mychaela on the phone we had a laugh at the request and she acted like she was getting scolded which made little Miss Tiffany happy as a bug in a rug. So you see folks, I’m bracing myself for the wrath that is headed my way, the return of my youngest ROOMMATES.

So, how about the NBA Playoffs? I know my picks probably don’t make any since to any one but me but it’s hard to route against people you like personally. However, I must say that I going to have to jump off of the Orlando band wagon and see if there’s room on the Josh Smith train… That was a series that I was on the fence about any way and I’m so glad that Miami is putting the Sixers in their place too. That’ll teach the person whom I know who thinks that the Sixers are the eastside Lakers! Hahahaha! Glad to see that KD and the rest of the OKC guys are pacing themselves to move on to the 2nd round. I had no idea that Portland was going to give Dallas as much of a fuss as they are…I’ll have to keep a closer eye on them next season. I’m hoping that Chris Paul and the Hornets will find some hidden blueprints on how to dismantle the Lakers before it’s too late. Oh well, I can only hope, right?

I’m headed out now, to pick up my mini mob so wish me luck and have a HAPPY EASTER everybody!
. ?Zig?April 21, 2011???Amazing to see how people of influence give back to their communities and to the less fortunate. I have always admired this about Pro athletes in general.

I think it’s a great thing when Pro Athletes want to reach out to people less fortunate, especially when it’s unexpected. Most of the time their charities or the charities in which they give back to have touched their lives personally in some way which gives you a small glimpse into where part of their heart is.
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. ?GerryG?April 21, 2011???INteresting take on the Playoffs with your selections…its like you pick teams to win based on the players u know. Isnt that bias? What do you “really” think will happen?

I do! I love those guys like they’re my own sons in some cases. What I really think will happen is OKC or Lakers vs Bulls, Celtics or Heat. I have some different scenarios that make NO GOOD SENSE AT ALL but to me.
. ?David T?April 23, 2011???I have to say, I dont agree to much with your Playoff pics so much, but maybe you have some inside info…!! Any secrets to divulge would be appreciated!

I wouldn’t expect any one to agree with my picks for the most part but I’m sure other moms have similar picks for similar reasons…

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  1. Tim, 9 years ago Reply

    Hi Mama,

    Love reading your stuff…Quesiton would you say that Michael was raised in Upper, Middle or Lower class…and do you think this played a role in his pro career and the man he has become?

    I live with my mom who works 2 jobs to support my sister and I and it makes me want to go out and play ball even harder EVERY GAME to hopefully make it one day to college and then the pros ! Thanks Tim

  2. Marla, 9 years ago Reply

    What kind of work are you having done to your place?

  3. Christie Switzer, 9 years ago Reply

    Hi Fatima I love your motherly perspective keep up the great work…but my are you a busy bee !!

  4. Denton, 9 years ago Reply

    Have you ever been to any Playoff games? Or better yet, the finals?

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