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Well, this time last year I was routing for teams to win or lose in order for The Miami Heat to get better positioning in the playoffs but honestly I was hoping for a team to play that was easy to get “to and from” in a days turn around time in order for me to get back home.  Now this year I’m counting down the days too, for The Minnesota Timberwolves to begin our official “fishing trip”.  The preparations are basically the same for us as far as family is concerned but this year is a little more special because I get to plan for the home-coming  of my “Roommates”! Mychaela and Ja’Kira are coming home from Kansas State University after completing their freshman year.  Michael will be popping in and out of town throughout the summer and I am looking forward to the grand opening of our new family business.

I’m also looking forward to returning to Miami for some of the local events that I’ve attended over the last couple years like The 9th Annual Hats Off Luncheon hosted by Tracy Wilson Mourning and her Honey Shine Mentoring Program and the 15th Annual Zo’s Summer Groove Weekend Event. I also love attending Chris Paul’s events scheduled around The Essence Music Festival in New Orleans and this year I’m actually a little excited to be taking a couple of my roommates along for that event. I’m going to also be helping out my brother Arty with his Triple Threat AAU Basketball Event in Las Vegas, which should be a whole new dynamic for reasons that we will not mention. Somehow, I have to manage to squeeze a mini cruise in for Tiffany, Malik and maybe even one of my “grand-roommates”! And to wrap up the summer, I get to attend one of my dearest NBA-Sister’s weddings in Turks & Cacos! Although this looks like a lot of vacationing it’s actually WORK and I love my job(s)!

I’ve been somewhat “M.I.A.” from The Bowse and its readers lately and I apologize for that but I can promise you that you have been on my mind almost everyday but I’m over the hurdles of my work blues and will pick up with my more regular updates. Well, I’m going to have to cut this short because I promised Tiffany that I would take her to school this morning and Malik has a dental appointment so let me get to a few questions…

Zig – March 26, 2011
Fatima…Great blog..been following you for the past few months….Did any of your other kids have a chance to play ball ? Was Dymond a baller? I would imagine him and Mike had a few heated 1-1?s growing up?

Dymond actually did play ball in high school. He was sort of a late bloomer and didn’t get his height until summer of 11th and 12th grades. Growing up Dymond and Lil’ Mike played more of football with the neighborhood kids…Imagine that! Mychaela ran track, which was a shock to me until I found out that her high school sweetheart, Mr. Randall Evans, was on the track team too to stay in shape during football offseason. Hahahaha! I’m now looking forward to watching Malik play football as he starts high school next year…

MelanyeRyder – March 27, 2011
Fatima, love reading ur blog. I play high school ball myself and am hoping to go and play college basketball as well. I’d love some insight into College life from ur kids and sports…maybe get a different angle on college sports!!! Loooooove ur blog, keep it up!!!

College life is something that I’ve always wanted to experience but didn’t have the opportunity to but I was going make sure that my children got the opportunity to live to it’s fullest. If you would inbox me thru twitter at @2BFatima your email address I’ll try to get the kids to give you their views.

Allen S.?- March 30, 2011???
You are right Fatima…the fathers never get any respect….we all love our mamas…but our fathers contributions often go over looked!????

Hmmm… Such a shame, huh? Point noted.

?JonnyP -?March 30, 2011??
Sounds like u got urself quite the handful there Fatima! Hopefully u keep these great blogs coming and we learn some cool stuff!

My roommates ALWAYS keeps my life interesting but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

O.K. Gotta go! My day is calling and I must answer…

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  1. Danny, 9 years ago Reply

    Hi Fatima, great reading up on your blog. Its been too long, I was waiting for a piece from you.

    Sounds like your very involved with the Heat org still? Are you just as involved in Minny as well?

  2. Samantha, 9 years ago Reply

    Do you still live in Miami? You must be really close with Zo if you are doing so much work with him and his wife?

    Are we going to hear from Mike on this site? Would love to have a mother/son interview :)

  3. TimberWayne, 9 years ago Reply

    ANother bad year for the Wolves Fatima. Hopefully another 1st round pick and next year can be a playoff year! You have any charitable plans going on this offseason in minny or just miami?

  4. LAJane, 9 years ago Reply

    Fatima, so awesome hearing your stories. Must feel like a full time job with so many kids keeping you busy!

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