Kings New Throne?

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Yesterday David Stern gave Sacramento Kings owners Joe & Gavin Maloof until May 2nd to file the necessary paperwork to request a move to Anaheim. The reason behind the move, which was originally pinned on the market of Sacramento have now been pointed in the direction of the old & outdated Power Balance Pavilion. Home to the Kings since it was built in 1988 it looks as though it’s days are numbered whether the Kings stay in Sacramento or not. Former Phoenix Suns point guard and current Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson has vowed to get a deal done that would see a new stadium built, but progress has been slow which has seen the Kings owners push for a move away.

The Kings lost to the Lakers 116-108 this past Wednesday in what looks to be the final NBA game in Sacramento. If the move does indeed come to fruition Sacramento will join Seattle, Charlotte, and Vancouver to recently have NBA franchises leave their cities. Charlotte was fortunate enough to have the Bobcats arrive to help ease the pain of their Hornets leaving for New Orleans back in 2002.

After the game against the Lakers several fans stuck around to voice their displeasure, a gesture that shows how passionate the Sacramento fans are about basketball and how they will support their team win or lose, good season or bad. Tyreke Evans, Franciso Garcia, Marcus Thornton, and Donte Green even came back out from the locker room to acknowledge their loyal supporters. Garcia actually grabbed a microphone and said to the fans, “No matter what happens, this is always going to be our home.”

The newly named Power Balance Pavilion, or as many fans remember it as the old ARCO Arena, has had many great moments and they will not be lost on Sacramento and NBA fans alike. During the 2001-2002 season team the Kings had the best record in the league going 61-21. The Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Mike Bibby, Peja Stojakovic led Kings lost to the, go figure, Lakers in a seven game series that was one for the ages. In fact, in February of 2001 the Kings graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. It seems ironic that it came full circle in that the Los Angeles defeated Sacramento in that series, one that the franchise never seemed to recover from, and they also handed them the loss that will probably shut the lights out on the NBA in Sacramento.

One member of that 2001-2002 team in particular is visibly upset at the proposed move of his Kings to Anaheim. Earlier this week on TNT Chris Webber, who was a 4-time all-star in the black and purple, was as passionate as he was a player in speaking on the situation at hand.

Whether or not the “group” Webber referred to will be able to buy the Kings and keep them in Sacramento is yet to be seen, but there’s no questioning the fact that of the Warriors, Bullets, Kings, Sixers, and Pistons it’s his years in Sacramento that he’s the most fond of. He still has a home there, is part of the community, and wants to see the Kings remain a part of that community.

Hopefully, for the fans in the Sacramento area and Webber, the move will fall through and Kevin Johnson can get over the necessary hurdles to get a new arena built to keep the NBA in a city with one of the best fan bases in the league. Like Webber I’m against franchises relocating because I’ve seen first hand what it can do to a city. Living in a city that woke up one morning to find it’s NFL franchise had packed up in Mayflower moving vans overnight and headed to Indianapolis will have the effect on you I guess. It wouldn’t be that type of scenario for Kings fans, I hope, but nonetheless I hope it’s a situation they don’t have to live through.

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  1. Gerry, 9 years ago Reply

    They need to stay in Sac town. The Kings are a great young team. all they need is good ownership, and from the looks of it Webber wants them to as well.

  2. Roland, 9 years ago Reply

    Theyve moved so many times in their franchises existance, whats another move? I think they should move them to a city that has a sustainable plan for multiple years.

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