Let me tell you about the “Holy 46″ game

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It was Game 4 of the 2010 NBA Playoffs. The Heat were down 3 games to none and were not playing well against what seemed to be a weary Boston Celtics team, but was anything but in the last three games.The Heat were looking at long odds going into Game 4 at the American Airlines Arena. I was watching the game on TV and I still, after being discouraged the first three games, thought there still might be a chance if we could win this game. Maybe–the series could be turned around. A miraculous comeback it would have to be, but that is what the playoffs are all about–the chance to be great and miraculous.

Since the Heat were at home the game started off well but Boston soon pulled even as they had been doing all series. The Heat couldn’t shake them and “set a tone” for the series as Miami could never establish any rhythm offensively and defensively. Miami would pull away in the game, by as much as 18 early, but Boston fought back and the Heat were reeling. Boston tied it at 62 midway in the 3rd.

I thought, Oh God–its done. We’re done. A dogfight began between the Celtics and Heat trading leads until the 3rd quarter closed with Boston up 77-71. Then it happened–a 3 pointer, a jumper, three foul shots and then FOUR-straight-three point shots. Boston had given the Heat a “coup d’grace” closing the third quarter with Rondo, Garnett and Pierce hitting big shots but Wade became-heavenly. Boston in the 4th couldn’t do anything right. Their offense went cold, they started to miss shots and commit turnovers. The heavens opened on that day and shone down on the American Airlines Arena–Boston would NOT celebrate a sweep on the Heat’s home court. There WAS HOPE! and it was guided through Dwayne Wade’s play. It was like he was “walking on water”. He was–holy. Therefore, I called it the “Holy 46″ game.

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    Eric I would hardly call that Holy… judging by the article title i was hoping for some last minute miracle like when Reggie went off on the Knicks with a few seconds to play….Now that was serious !!!!

    • Eric Labrador, 9 years ago Reply

      Are you a Heat fan Zig?

      • Zig, 9 years ago Reply

        Not a HEAT fan per se but I am not a hater. I think they are exciting and I kind of want them to do well…unlike the masses out there…!!

        • Eric Labrador, 9 years ago Reply

          Well the reason I ask is that, yes it wasn’t like Reggie’s performance at MSG. It was localized. The Heat weren’t really favored to beat Boston, but the pace of that series was the Heat would play well for awhile, but Boston would just power past. From the eyes of a Heat fan, Wade just willed the game to Miami’s favor. That meant, NO SWEEP on the home floor. To any fan, that means a lot. That is how legendary games are born. You don’t always need the stakes to be high.

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