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In order to gauge whether or not a player is an MVP worthy, should it be measured by his statistics?  Should it be based on his impact to his team?  Or is it possible that it is partially each of these qualities and partially one’s “Aura”.  Is it a possibility that a player can be in the running for MVP simply because of fear and his “being”?

In the case of Los Angeles Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant, the above mentioned may be applicable.  Kobe has been dominating the league throughout his entire career and this season, like the others is no different.

The Lakers looked vulnerable this season.  They looked tired and disinterested for a good majority of the year and there was fear around the league that the Lakers run of Championships was over.  The Lakers were falling far behind the Spurs in the standings and were having difficulties winning.  As written in an earlier piece, the Lakers played .500 ball for a large stretch of games up until the All-Star break.  Kobe Bryant was battling injuries to his knee and finger and it appeared all hope in L.A was lost.

But like a true Champion and former MVP, Bryant took his Lakers on his shoulders and they have re-gained their winning ways.  Since the All-Star break, the Lakers have lost once.  ONCE!!!  That’s a phenomenal feat that has brought the Lakers back to within 3 games of The Spurs in the standings and Kobe and Co. look like Champions once again.

With a scoring average of 25.2 points per game, 5 rebounds per game and 5 assists per contest Kobe is proving once again why he is a true leader and complete player.  He is averaging one of the lowest points per game average that he has ever had throughout his career, yet the Lakers are winning.  What is it that makes a true leader?  How is it that makes Kobe such an inspirational leader to the Lakers?  He leads by example and he expects greatness out of team mates.  Apparently, that is exactly what he has been getting as the 15-1 mark is proof enough that his worth to The Lakers is far greater than 25 points per game.

He sits 6th in the league in scoring, and was just named player of the week with an average of over 30 points per contest.  Whatever is needed, whenever it is need Kobe Bryant produces for the Lakers.  He is their 1 true constant.  The Lakers faithful and team know that whenever they are in trouble or need a bucket, they can count on Kobe.

That is the true definition of a leader.  Kobe Bryant is showing this year why he is once again a candidate for NBA MVP as he has led his team through some rough times and head into the Playoffs as the hottest team in the NBA.

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