Playoff Bound! Lets Go!!

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Lets Cut straight to the chase, Knicks clinched a playoff berth.

With a Bobcats loss and a Knicks win, FINALLY!!!

After almost 10 season’s! I’m shocked to be quite Honest! Tonight we played the 76er’s in Philly for the 6th spot and they battled.  They lost Chauncey to a thigh bruise and almost lost A’mare, but he Found his heart and came back in the game for this Must Win.

I have to commend Tony Douglas.  He’s been as clutch a shooter as Carmelo.   Now, on to that Man… “THE DESTROYER” is what I call him.  Why? Have you ever watched the Fantastic Four and seen “The Destroyer of Worlds” Destroy Worlds?   This is what Melo does to the NBA and all defensive schemes they put in front of him.  They get absolutely destroyed by a simple jab step jumper, jab step drive by lay-up, first step pull up, first step spin move body to body And 1!  There are way too many moves this guy has in his repertoire.

 But tonight he exhibited his clutch gene and dropped a ridiculous 1 dribble drop step pull up in Andre Iguodala’s face to take that 6th spot!

Now, I’m Looking forward to some noise being made in the playoff’s? But honestly, this is from a true die hard Knick fan’s heart, I didn’t want them to make it this year because I wanted them to get in with a better coach and a roster with more depth.  It’ll be a teaser with a bad ending because they don’t have the depth to compete with teams past April because the mind set has been vacation as of April 17th.  So mentally, they just aren’t as prepared. I would rather see a 9th place finish and come back next year out the gates attacking and possibly aim for a 1-4 spot in the East and develop all of their players in training camp. More time to mesh. Get rid of D’antoni. Pursue a defensive minded coach? Who in my opinion…Well, Doug Collins was my choice as you can see what hes done with the 76ers. Until the Knicks front office realize that trading away picks and back up Center’s isn’t a wise choice then we’ll prosper as of now it’ll be a great feeling to be in the playoff hunt but a very bitter feeling if we get bounced out First round. 

I’m pretty positive we can win a few games but don’t think their mindset is for a Playoff run, especially when the coach only wants 7 players and a plays a 100 mph pace. So Knick fan’s I really hope you have an ambulance on speed dial as its gonna be a very wild ride and might possibly give you a heart attack.  I know I’ve had my share of them this season with all these close wins and loses! #NYKNICKS

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  1. BountyBoy, 9 years ago Reply

    Knicks dont have a chance this year. Theyre not deep and have 3 guys that can play. Worst trade of the season bringing Melo in.

  2. Wayne, 9 years ago Reply

    The Knicks are going to battle the Heat! Cant wait to see these offensive juggernauts go at each other!

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