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Ok The First Round is about halfway in and there is trouble in paradise for many of the favorites!

I can’t hide my excitement that OKC and Boston (my preferred teams) are performing well so far. I wish well to Chicago too because of the season that they had this year. But the biggest topic this year has to be the Spurs and the Lakers…now the Spurs ended the season with the second best record in the NBA while leading most of the season in wins.

If someone had predicted that San Antonio would be down 2-1 to Memphis (without RudyGay) I would’ve jumped up and down in disagreement…but Lord behold! That is what is happening right now! Zebo is hitting three point shots…it’s like a twilight zone!

Now as far as the Lakers, I had predicted it in another circle: some people heads are exploding in LA right now with the show CP3 is putting on the Lakers. First of all, Kobe is no longer the dominant player he used to be….either that or the Hornets are just shutting him down (I don’t know which scenario is worse for the Lakers). I mean after the first game in which he had 34 points, Kobe disappeared to 11 points and 17 points in game 2 and game 4 respectively!

The Lakers are overrated: Brittle Bynum, Manic Artest, Phantom Odom and Soft Gasol have had their run (they had a repeat) and in my humble opinion their train has ran its course. Kobe, the Black Mamba is spending too much energy trying to guard Chris Paul with no success…Bryant cannot sustain this level of activity throughout the playoffs (and it showed already with those two low scoring games he had), he has reached his prime and the descending curve has just started for Kobe and the Lakers.

Granted that Chris Paul is playing his best basket-ball game of the year by raising his FG% to 56% from his 46% for the regular season but we still have to admit that the Lakers as a two-time defending champion should do better than this. Chris Paul has been making clutch shots after clutch shots at end of games and end of quarters. Karl Landry is playing hard (dunking on Bynum AND Odom at the same time), Ariza is showing up and even Okafor decided to step up to the plate. The Charlotte Hornets are playing inspired basket-ball and even if they end up losing this series, I have no doubt in my mind that the Lakers don’t want to see them next year with a healthy David West.

Dallas are and have always been a disappointment during the Playoffs so why would that change this year? Besides Portland is a really good team, their ranking might not show it but they have a deep team. But the worst thing that could happen to the Mavericks during this series happened: Brandon Roy woke up from his long sleep and started playing inspired basket-ball. We knew he had it in him, just didn’t know when he was going to put it on the court…and he did. The result: a 2-2 tie with Dallas.

Portland with Miller, Wallace, Matthews and Aldridge/Roy have what it takes to handle Dallas and move on to the next round. Nowitzki and the rest of Dallas are known to melt under the pressure of the playoffs, they play like they don’t have the heart to overcome opponents, they lack the adversity needed during the playoffs.

Now let’s talk about my favorite teams: OKC has improved significantly from last year, from Ibaka’s inspired play to James Harden’s emergence…this year is the year for the Thunder especially with the acquisition of Kendrick Perkins (the missing piece) now we can face the Lakers/Spurs or any other finalist in the Western Conference.

Boston has taken care of New York and it is going to be epic if they face Chicago for the Eastern Conference Finals (very likely).

Orlando has officially lost Dwight Howard, I am convinced after this year’s complete meltdown during the playoffs that Dwight will leave Orlando after his contract expired. Why would he stay? The Magic are just not built for championships…a bunch of three point shooters and a center? You need more than that to win a NBA title. Howard can fit in perfectly with New Jersey, Phoenix, Chicago and maybe even Miami. Orlando’s performance against Atlanta is probably the worst upset of the playoffs this year (in my book).

Thank you for reading…enjoy the playoffs!

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  1. Markie, 9 years ago Reply

    now that its almost done, the Mavs are looking incredible. This may be the year they make it over that hump!

  2. MagicMan, 9 years ago Reply

    Howard is gone. I agree. Hes going to demand a trade at the deadline next year. How could you not. he has 0 support and it was evident the whole series.

  3. Hadji, 9 years ago Reply


    I agree with you…it is really disappointing to get beaten by the Atlanta Hawks. I mean c’mon the Hawks are a team of role players and you know they’re not making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

    There’s nothing worse than to get beaten by a team that’s not even going far withing your own conference. It’s very unmotivational (I think I just made up that word).

    Anyways, yes Howard is bouncing…if he’s not then much credit to him for sticking with it. If I was him, I would bounce out of the Magic so fast!

    The Mavs are a good team but they’re built for the regular season…not the playoffs. They’re just not a good playoffs team, I mean the playoffs just started and they’re already getting their butt whipped. As much as I hate the Lakers, LA will handle the Mavs like Dallas brought a knife to a gun fight.

    The Mavs need to tougher on Dfense (Perkins types players)and get more agressive role players on offense (Kenyon Martin types). This is the playoffs, it is mostly about toughness, size and energy level when it’s all said and done.

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