Should there be less defense in the NBA?

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Being a new fan to the NBA, coming post-Magic, Bird, Jordan, I thought about and researched the players who came before such as George Gervin, Bernard King, Alex English and Moses Malone to try and get a feel for what life was like before these stars. All I had heard was that before Jordan, Magic and Bird, the NBA wasn’t as popular and many people didn’t watch it as they do today.  

I saw stars that were similar to NBA players today.  I was amazed at Gervin’s hands which would flip up the ball on a finger roll layup effortlessly as if he had been doing it since he was a child. In Bernard King and Alex English, I saw two players that could’ve played in today’s NBA and been very successful. King, before his knee injury exploded to the basket and was fearless in challenging defenders. English had a great game and could shoot the jumper as well as drive to the basket. Finally, there was the “Chairman of the Boards”–Moses Malone who couldn’t be controlled in getting his own rebound from a shot or another of his teammate’s shots.

I do think as I saw old film of these players’ get to the basket of how much defense was being played by the opposing teams in these days. I couldn’t help but think of the games of today’s players like Allen Iverson, Vince Carter or Carmelo Anthony. “Professional scorers” who never took a shot they didn’t like, but never gave any reason to pass someone else the ball. So should their be less defense in the NBA?

I’m a fan of defense but is their such a need to have a “lockdown” defender or a player who could play both sides of the ball cialis tablets (i.e. Kobe, Jordan)? The NBA has done great in its 60 years evolving and the game is fantastic today, but it is always important to remember “where you’ve been” before you could figure out which way you want to go.

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  1. JamieTender, 9 years ago Reply

    LESS??? We need more. Nothings better than a good old Celtics SPurs matchup with these 2 defensive specialists. I love Defence. Teams shud focus more on this element.

  2. Alex, 9 years ago Reply

    There should be more offense. Nothings better than a game wher eboth teams score over 100 points. Its what makes the game so exciting.

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