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Being at the last game for the Minnesota Timberwolves was such a great experience. Although they finished with the worst record in the NBA their fans came out and supported them as if they were reigning champs! It was such a good feeling for me and I’m sure the team staff as well to play for a sold out game. Lil Mike looked as if he was having a blast and he always cracks me up when waves to me when he finds me sitting courtside as if he’s found his long lost friend. After the game, we went to a suite that Lil Mike had donated to a group of children and their families from Hope Hospital. These kids had cancer in one form or another and to see the looks on their faces when Lil Mike entered the suite was PRICELESS. I can see as he interacted with them that he was just as gentle with them as he was with my nephew, Stevon, when he helped care for him during his illness before he lost his battle. One little girl gave him the sweetest note and he wanted to be sure that it was in a safe place as he handed it to me.

Now what? Or should I say “Now Who”? Since the Minnesota Timberwolves’ season has come to an end, who do I hook my wagon onto now. Hmmm… Since I’m the type of fan that routes for the “player” and not the “team” let me look at the line ups.

In the West I like Memphis because they seem to be the underdogs and of course O.J. Mayo is one of the guys that I have looked as a son over the years. I’m going to also go with Dallas only because of Shawn Marion, he’s so funny at times and I really don’t know the players in Portland. There’s no way I would EVER route for the L.A. Lakers, just because and besides Chris Paul is one of my favorites…he’s such a nice guy & so well mannered! Now the toughie is Oklahoma or Denver. While Ty Lawson is an old teammate of Mike’s and Kenyon is one of my all time favorites I must go with my guys in Oklahoma. K.D. has been exceptional and then I have to route for Dae-dae (Daequon Cook) because he’s like family.

Now in the East, I’m hoping that Chicago sweeps Indiana because I like Boozer style & Noah’s hair, LOL! Although I’m routing for Orlando I really hope that Josh Smith has a good series. I’m going with New York over Boston because I really like Carmelo and Amare and besides I still have a grudge with Boston’s fans for being so dang rude last year! As for Miami, they better beat the pants off of the 76ers because I don’t particularly care for someone who loves them like they play themselves.

Well, that’s that…

. Danny?April 10, 2011???
Hi Fatima, great reading up on your blog. Its been too long, I was waiting for a piece from you. ?Sounds like your very involved with the Heat org still? Are you just as involved in Minny as well?????


The thing about the NBA is that it’s a big family. When you come across people that have the same interests that you do you don’t just forget them because your not in the same town… With last years trades I have friends across the states and will do my best to show support to the different charities. In answer to your question, YES, I will be getting involved with a few charities in Minnesota. If there are any in particular that you can suggest I’d definitely be willing to check them out.

. ?Samantha?April 10, 2011???
Do you still live in Miami? You must be really close with Zo if you are doing so much work with him and his wife??Are we going to hear from Mike on this site? Would love to have a mother/son interview

As I was telling Danny, the NBA is family. While I no longer reside in Miami I still have so many connections there that will be forever in my and my children’s lives. Because I don’t live in Miami, I still like to support the organizations that I’ve been accustomed to. Which reminds me, I need to contact Almarie Chalmer, mother of Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat, to see how I can help out with Mario’s Closet. As for Lil Mike showing up here…who knows! Stranger things have happened but I will see about getting an interview from him if you all would come up with some questions. Otherwise, he won’t answer anything I have to ask him with a straight face. LOL! I can’t even get an autograph!

. ?TimberWayne?April 10, 2011???ANother bad year for the Wolves Fatima. Hopefully another 1st round pick and next year can be a playoff year! You have any charitable plans going on this offseason in minny or just miami?

Yea, this was a tough year… But there is always next year!

?LAJane?April 13, 2011???Fatima, so awesome hearing your stories. Must feel like a full time job with so many kids keeping you busy!


My Roommates definitely keep me busy but hey, they’re mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

Well folks, I’m going to end this for now and head to the airport so I can get out of here before the weather gets bad. I think I might have a few short stories to share about Tiffany and Malik adventures next week because they will be visiting their siblings Mychaela aka @MissBEZ & Ja’kira aka @immacelepretty in Manhattan, KS. Until we meet again catch me on Twitter at @2bFatima and please check out The Hope Kids at

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    Amazing to see how people of influence give back to their communities and to the less fortunate. I have always admired this about Pro athletes in general.

  2. GerryG, 9 years ago Reply

    INteresting take on the Playoffs with your selections…its like you pick teams to win based on the players u know. Isnt that bias? What do you “really” think will happen?

  3. David T, 9 years ago Reply

    I have to say, I dont agree to much with your Playoff pics so much, but maybe you have some inside info…!! Any secrets to divulge would be appreciated!

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