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Hello Everyone!

As I predicted in one of my previous posts, Chicago ended up topping Miami and Boston in their conference with a 56-20 record. The Bulls keep looking better as the playoffs approach quickly.

Miami is not looking good after their loss to Cleveland for Lebron’s second return to Ohio. Byron Davis was definitely the difference maker (although JJ Hickson – Alonzo Gee – Ryan Hollins and Anthony Parker really stepped up to the plate). The Cavs have been playing much better with Baron Davis, probably because the Cavs were build around LeBron James (and his greatest skill was his passing ability, LeBron makes other players around him better because they didn’t have to create their own shots…just find your favorite shooting spot and LeBron will feed you the ball).

And LeBron’s departure truly revealed that dependency the Cavs had…No solid point guard play to create easy shots…until Baron Davis showed up. Now they look like a team that can play Basket-ball, Baron has been distributing the ball like the skilled passer that he is, now he doesn’t score like LeBron but at least the Cavs now have something they can build upon.

I was really impressed with the aggressiveness the Cavs had this time around, frankly I was getting tired of NBA players being all buddy buddy before, during and after games…it’s like the competitiveness is not what it used to be anymore. I mean I remember how the Knicks and the Pistons used to beat up on Michael Jordan whenever he was trying to drive down the paint…they didn’t play that.

But nowadays, the Elite players hang out and are for the most part really nice to each other before, during and after games…and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be friends but I don’t want to watch NBA games where players don’t compete. I’m just saying I want to see guys really take it to each others like the Heat-Cavs game, the Cavs were not messing around they took it the grill of the Heat and won the game. The Heat didn’t lay down and give the game away, they played their heart out and this is what the NBA fans deserve…not the typical game where guys show up with no real purpose.

Ryan Hollins was blocking shots left and right (Ask Chris Bosh) McGee was running, Hollins was running, JJ Hickson was a horse. They didn’t back down from LeBron, Wade and Bosh…heck they were all up in their faces! Hollins and Wade even got into it (my kind of Basket-ball game)…just like a playoff game!

The most impressive player of the Heat was definitely Mike Bibby…He made some key shots to keep the Heat in the game all the way (that guy can really shoot the three….Arizona Wildcats!). But this loss to the Cavs really exposed (again) the weakness of the Heat (their front court): how are they going to be efficient in the Playoff with no real low post offense or defense for that matter? The Cavs were pounding the ball inside: between JJ Hickson – Gee and Hollins they dominated the paint all night against the Heat. Obviously the Heat couldn’t handle the intensity and pressure in the paint the Cavs brought out that night, what are they going to do when the playoff starts? This how it is going to be every night!

And Boston! I don’t even know where to start…they have  not looked good since Perkins left, but what else do you expect when you give away the Meanest player in the game today. I mean have you seen Perkins  (this guy never smiles, I wouldn’t want have to play against a guy like that…and I’m not easily intimidated). Perkins is big, strong and he bangs…HARD. He was a crucial part of the Celtics title win, and in my estimation he is the reason why I feel OKC will top the Lakers this year in the playoffs.

Another team I’d like to talk about is Denver…boy does this team look good since Melo left, and the best part? It is that Denver is 47-29 and New York is 38-38: when you switch teams you’re supposed to move up not down.

I like Melo a lot, he’s my favorite scorer after Durant but I don’t know what he was thinking when he left the Nuggets for the Knicks. Denver has more pieces and a stronger supporting cast than New York, his wife didn’t help him out by making him move to New York.

Thanks…look forward to comments and opinions about this post!

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