Chris Bosh ‘FINALLY’ gets some attention!

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Chris Bosh ‘FINALLY’ gets some attention!

Last off-season when Dwayne Wade chose to remain a member of the Miami Heat and Lebron made his much publicized decision to play in Miami, Chris Bosh chose to leave Toronto and head to the beach.   He was criticized and lambasted from fans in Toronto and all of Canada for deserting the team that drafted him 7 seasons earlier.  How could he leave them at their lowest time?  Without Bosh they would be nothing more than a blip on the schedule for opposing teams.  Finishing with a 22-60 record, The Raptors became that blip.  They were the 3rd worst team in the league and sat back and watched as the teams former leader Bosh quietly had a good season.

With a stat line of 18.7 ppg and 8.7 rpg, his numbers were down from what fans have come to expect from him.  After all, he was playing behind 2 of the greatest players in the league in Wade and James.  Through the duration of this past season, Bosh showed glimpses of his old self.  With 5 games of 30 or more points during the regular season and 33 double-doubles there’s great debate whether or not Bosh’s game had declined or his stats dropped due to him being 3rd on the coring depth chart.  He had a good season, this no one is doubting.  But it wasn’t a Bosh-esque year.

Statistically he was lower in almost all categories (scoring, blocks, rebounding, assists, fg%) and his impact was all but gone in the league.  He had fallen out of favour with many fans and his hope of becoming an NBA “Rockstar” with Wade and James were all but gone.  He went to the Heat with dreams of becoming a part of the ‘Big 3′.  This never happened.  What did happen was the creation of the ‘Big 2 1/2′.  Bosh’s impact was quiet through the Regular Season, and for the most part he was no where to be found on the radar through the first 2 rounds of the Playoffs.

Until last night that is.  Bosh made more than just an impact.  With both Lebron and Wade having off-nights (if 22 and 17 points is considered off!) Bosh stepped up with 34 points and put the Heat on his shoulders.  He was all over the court, and made his impact felt.  The Bulls had been focusing so much attention and defensive effort on the other 2 Stars in Miami, that it left an opening for Bosh to make his impact.  And offensively he did just that.  Although his rebounding numbers (5 total) were low, his monster slams were statement plays and it looked like he was all over the court all night long.

The culmination of his night came after the final buzzer.  With The Heat defeating the Bulls 96-85, Bosh finally got his so desired attention.  The post-game interview hosted by Craig Sager was with Bosh, who got the National televised attention he thought he would receive when he moved down to Florida.

Although just one game, Bosh’s media coverage last night apparently made it all worth while for Bosh as the grin on his face was from ear to ear.  If the Heat hope to continue their push through the Playoffs and into the Finals they are going to need more games like last night’s bu Bosh.  With all 3 players finally hitting their stride, it’s easy to see how The Heat are favored to reach and win the NBA Championship.

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