Chris Broussard and Ric Bucher: POSERS

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I’ll be honest with you. I think Broussard goes to his local bar, listens to random people talking basketball, takes notes on a flip pad memo and runs back to ESPN to claim the information for his own. Bucher’s only big claim to fame in his 22 year writing career could be that he is friends with Kobe Bryant.

Broussard has┬áten years in the books reporting on the NBA (two years with the Cavs, three with the Nets specifically). He has been with ESPN since 2004 writing columns and sits in as an analyst on NBA Fast-break. I first saw him extensively during the 2010 Free Agent period when he was reporting to ESPN about where Lebron James would be signing. What caught my ears at first was when the ESPN anchors would ask him questions, he would repeat back to them what they asked in the form of an answer. Then when he would give supposed “inside” information, it would be nothing different then what was already known on the Internet. He offered no “inside” information, but was given credit.

Bucher is legendary for his awful commentary and “inside” information. Going as far to say that opposing teams have a tough time playing in Utah because of the “vicious” fans mostly cause they are Mormon and have nothing better to do. He apologized for the comment, but the dye was cast as to how he approaches his job. If you have ever listened to him on Sportscenter, he doesn’t give one piece of information that is not “his personal feelings” on the subject. It almost seems as if he just shows up, gets makeup and decides five minutes before what to say based on how he feels. He is also a columnist for ESPN the Magazine and

Any fan should be wary of keeping the TV on when either of these jokers are on, because you would just be better off turning to another channel. Better yet, if you really wanted to know about sports, jump on the Internet and scan all the web chatter. It would be basically the same thing but you would have the luxury of making your own decisions and not get a headache listening to them talk.

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  1. Travis-tee, 8 years ago Reply

    Broussard is all talk. Whatever he says usually goes in one ear and out the next. Hes trash. I agree

  2. Davis-Reggie, 8 years ago Reply

    Whatever these analysts typically say is subjective. I listen to see if they have any updates or news for me. usually its all fluff and nonsense.

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