Dirk Nowitzki as an All-time great examined

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Dirk Nowitzki as an All-time great examined

He is not yet. He is merely setting a standard for the type of player in the NBA and he is absolutely the best European player in the NBA. The NBA is a professional league and is supposed to be made up of the very best talent players in the sport of basketball. The quality of play should always be as high as Dirk Nowitzki displays every night on the court.

The reasons though that he has not met the status and class of “all-time” great players is evident and will be explained.
Dirk from the start of his career has fallen victim to the racial divide. Since 1994′s “White Men Can’t Jump”, white players have shouldered a stigma of too slow, not athletic and awkward compared to the sleek quickness and poetic powerful movements of comparable black players. Until the European invasion of the late 90′s and the decline of Larry Bird’s career, white players had become non-impact players or marketable players and were co-stars or role players (see Hornacek, M. Price, Chambers, Ehlo). Larry Bird was considered the last impact player who was white and Dirk has had to, with many others, walk in Bird’s very large shadow and be judged in comparison to him.

Larry Bird’s efforts during his career in the NBA were of legend. But it was that he was enormously gifted at basketball and he coupled that together with a voracious competitive spirit and discipline. Dirk should be compared outside of this shadow and he has shown that he is an exceptional, above average NBA player. He is a smooth shooting big man, and an “original” creation different from any other player in the last 30 years. His height alone puts him outside of any other players’ comparison past or present because most players at that height white or black would be centers with a developed post-up game.

That is the beauty though of the NBA. It allows the game of basketball to grow and evolve and highlight players that can be original creations, redefining their positions but in the end doing their job as professional basketball players. Dirk will get his due recognition but many years after his career ends because he is so “original” it cannot be understood yet.

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