Donnie Walsh: Will he stay or will he go?

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As we all remember, Donnie Walsh’s deadline for picking up his contract option came and went with no action by the Knicks ownership.  With all of the surrounding drama with Isiah Thomas last year in terms of the Carmelo deal, as a basketball fan, one should start to think, ‘well if they did not pick up his option they must not be bringing him back’. 

Walsh’s deal is set to expire June 30th and with the impending lockout, there does not seem to be much that will happen on this front; however, once the lockout is most-likely reinstated, someone is going go need to be at the helm of this organization.  While I have always had my doubts about Coach D’Antoni and his system, Donnie Walsh has made me impressed.  He shed the Knicks of Isiah Thomas’ retreads.  Gave the Knicks the financial windfall they needed to sign Amar’e and trade for Carmelo.  He was even able to do it without giving up the whole franchise (just most of it). 

He has made dare-I-say brilliant tactical moves and has helped position the Knicks as a top-5 Eastern Conference NBA team.  Considering prior to his regime the Knicks had not sniffed the playoffs in years, I see this as a major accomplishment.  Now I know many people are looking to the future and that there are rumbles around the league that Isiah Thomas has the ear of many coveted Point Guards (CP3 being one); it does not matter to this writer.  If players want to come to New York, they have to want to win.  With the pieces they have, it would be ridiculous to posit that a player will not join the Knicks unless Isiah is the GM. 

Donnie Walsh has rebuilt this franchise from a laughing-stock to a serious contender.  He should be rewarded for what he has done.

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  1. Knick88, 9 years ago Reply

    He should Go…GO FAR AWAY…he destroyed the knicks for the next 10 years !!!

    • Michael Fidler, 9 years ago Reply

      can you explain how he has done this. he cleared a ridiculous amount of cap. Got rid of albatross contracts and he made sure the Knicks could attempt to get the pieces they wanted. Where did he go wrong?

  2. Knick88, 9 years ago Reply

    He took a very good deep young team and traded it away to bring Melo. They had a bright promosinig future now its a win now attitude with a sub par dynamic duo in Amare and Melo…and a VERY weak supporting cast….look at their record pre and post trade….

    • Michael Fidler, 9 years ago Reply

      With the team they had at the time, they did not have a chance of winning any more than this team did. The Knicks were bound to lose Chandler as they could not afford to pay him when he became a free-agent. If they paid Chandler, then the next to go would be Gallinari, because they would not be able to afford him either. The Knicks were never about winning today, they were about building a team to win for the next 5 years. You cannot look at the records pre and post trade because neither is a large enough sample size. Give Amar’e and ‘Melo a year to play together. It is easy to say now that the trade should not have been made, but if you look at who the Knicks gave up, no one in their right mind would not have made the trade. Look for the Knicks next year to be serious contenders in the Eastern Conference. I’ll put the over under at 48 wins.

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