For fans with teams still in the playoffs:

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The second round of the NBA’s Championship tournament will begin today and for fans that have their favorite teams still in the running, what do you want to see? During every NBA Championship winner’s season, there is a game or play that “stands out” and ultimately proves to be what galvanizes the team to win the title.

Will it be a dunk in traffic to solidify a run that wins a game? A fantastic performance by a star player?…a role player?

Will it be a team rising from the depths of elimination to comeback and take the series?  Or do you just want to see good, solid basketball and let the results come either positive or not.  Are you expecting too much from your team?

 I’m sure many Spurs fans fall into that category, since their season is now over being shocked by the #8 seeded Grizzlies. But entering the semifinal round, the plays and possessions get more important–the stakes and pressure get higher. That’s the good stuff about advancing and being a fan. I want YOU to kick up your basketball acumen a notch as well. Don’t wait for the analysts to tell you what to think.

Don’t be afraid to do a little research on your team and find out their weaknesses and strengths. It will give you good conversation topics at a get together or at your local bar during a “watch party”. Nobody likes a “fairweather fan” or the guy that just wants to stir up controversy during these events when he heckles your team with you only feet away. When you watch the game, its always fun when you can have solid discussions with others about the X’s and O’s.

For me, I love to escape from reality during this time and think, over Heinekens, that I am coaching the team–jumping up and down on the sidelines, calling plays, motivating my guys. Its fun. I’ve never really cared for fans who only “yap” and “woof” when their team wins (rubbing it in your face) but get grumpy, make excuses and curse their team out when they lose. That to me, is the reason why cities & towns like New York, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Chicago and Boston are known as great sports areas. Win or lose, the fans still care about the game and come out to watch.

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