Game 2–WCF–Who will take the title?

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It was a fantastic first game. Dirk vs. Durant goes to Dirk with 48 points and 9 rebounds, but will Dirk keep it up? Durant said in the post-game press conference that his team would try and make adjustments for Game 2. For what? Oklahoma City scored 112 points and he scored 40 points. Dallas will not stay this hot and keep a scoring average of 121 points.

Dallas took a huge tumble after their collapse in the 2006 finals to the Miami Heat. They haven’t gotten to the Conference Finals since then. Now, after Game 1 they look the same as they did during their 2006 run–Unbeatable. They are favored and probably will make it to the NBA Finals.

The team is that good, so why should Oklahoma City even show up? As Chris Berman would say, “That’s why we play the games.” The athleticism that Serge Ibaka and Nick Collison have have not been nullified. Dirk has always been able to score. Look for those two to bounce back and have good defensive games tonight. JJ Barea is a point guard off the bench for a reason–he won’t keep the Game 1 performance up. Oklahoma City though needs to remember that they are the other finals participant and deserve to be there. Count on Russell Westbrook to have a big game tonight along with Durant and have double digit assists.

Even if the Thunder don’t win, you will see a different score tonight probably in the high 90′s, low 100′s. They will go back home on an emotional high for Game’s 3 and 4 to the raucous home crowd in Oklahoma City. It is curious to see whether Dallas can assert themselves without Dirk. They don’t have much of an identity other then the “Big German”. Terry is not consistent and Kidd can’t carry a team offensively as he used to in New Jersey. When they are pushed, how will they respond? Let’s all tune in tonight to find out.

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