Give the Heat their “due”- They are the REAL DEAL

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Give the Heat their “due”- They are the REAL DEAL

No, they haven’t won the NBA Championship and didn’t win 72 games like ESPN was believing they’d do at the Heat’s training camp, but the Heat have achieved all expectations as of right now. Its not just that they have gone deep in the playoffs, but it is the job the coaching staff, the management, the team and players did this year to produce a winning basketball team. All professional sports franchises have their stories after the season about each team’s trials during the season, how they overcame them and what was the result. The Heat’s final result was written from Day 1–Championship or Bust. This was not only said by the players at their overblown ceremony in July but by all the sports outlets and by Vegas itself.

With the final result written, “the filling” was supposed to be the glorious events that took place which led them down a golden path to a Championship. Since the beginning, what ever filling created was forged in a furnace with hot steel. This team has had to “adjust on the fly” and has done it well. They had the injuries to Wade and Miller to start the preseason, the confrontations between Coach Spo’ and Lebron and Lebron and Wade in November when they were 9 and 8. They lost 4 straight several times and 5 straight once when the team was questioned as to whether they could close out games in the final minute. During that time there was “crygate” where every sports analyst took shots at the players and coach using the Tom Hanks line from “A League of Our Own”, 1992, but basketball replacing baseball.

This team had a platoon of three centers, two point guards and their bench was the lowest scoring in the league. Players would go sometimes 10 games without playing, play for a short time, then sit again. They had lost 6 games to Boston and Chicago during the regular season, but finally slipped into the #2 seed on the second to last day of the season. Even this writer predicted they wouldn’t advance past the second round. Through all this, Coach Spo’ and his staff kept working behind the scenes, using motivating words like “grind it out” and “trust”. Lebron & Wade tested their friendship with Wade saying in a SunSentinel interview, were “brutally honest” with each other. Bosh showed himself as when some questioned his toughness at times, responded with a force and passion in his play that left all silent.

It doesn’t matter–even at 3 games to 1 in the Eastern Conference Finals, what the Heat do from here. They have accomplished what they have set out to do this season. Whatever else is up to them (team, coaching staff, owner, president).

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  1. Tommy C, 9 years ago Reply

    Heat will win the championship in 6…I dont think they will be satisfied with only making it this far.

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