Heart or Head?

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Heart or Head?

How do you choose which team to route for if neither is your team? Do I route for the team who traded my son off in order to make a big run for the championship or do I route against them? Hmmm…tough decision, right? Well, here’s what I think:

The Miami Heat organization is like family to me even though we are no longer a part of the day-to-day operations. I still have a connection with some of the families of the players and some of the staff as well so I’m genuinely happy that they have reached this level. It’s only natural to wonder what it would have been like to be a part of the celebration but ultimately I’m still happy with the accomplishments that my son has made over the past year and I know that his future is bright. Besides, I like to think that we helped put this Heat team together with the “big trade” to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Okay, here’s where I am. My heart is routing for the Mavs because of the “maturity” in years. I believe that if the Mavs can’t get it done this time it may be a very long time before they get this opportunity again and who knows if the key players will be around to participate. My head is telling me that the Heat will pull this out because of the hunger in sme of the players but mainly Lebron. To me he appears to want this more than anyone on the team and I think this would validate his departure from Cleveland. I’m not saying that the entire team doesn’t want to win the NBA Finals, because that’s the ultimate goal for all teams at the start of the season, but what I see in him is a different type of hunger. It almost seems as if it’s desperation, in a sense.

All in all, I’m hoping that the finals will go to game seven and be decided at the last 0.01 second of the game. Then off to the NBA Draft and the most dreaded lockout situation…Aughhh!

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  1. Wes, 10 years ago Reply

    You can’t have it both ways mama !! Personally I think the Heat would be better off with Beeeeeez at the PF……If I were you I would be cheering for the Mavs sweep !!! SCREW MIAMI !!!

    • Mama SayZ, 10 years ago Reply

      LOL!. Don’t be s bitter… It’s not good for your heart! hahaha! I’m over the trade thingie and actually don’t think it’s so bad! Yeah, We (T’Wolves) wanna win but like someone said “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Boom!!!

  2. Derren Ryber, 10 years ago Reply

    Fatima, they traded your son. I know you have friends there, but forget it. Your feeling about the Mavs is right MAVS in 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mama SayZ, 10 years ago Reply

      You think! Let’s see how they come out of the gate tonight! I’m routing with my HEART!

      • Zig, 10 years ago Reply

        Going with y our heart only leads to Heartache!!!!!!! Mav’s have NO chance !!

        • Mama SayZ, 10 years ago Reply

          Hmmm… Don’t count them out. I still think the decision will be made in Game &…

  3. whysideas, 10 years ago Reply

    Us fans never build the personal relationships unrelated to basketball with the organization, staff, players, and their families so we develop one sided feelings and emotions. I must say I am rooting for Miami to lose. I hope the Heat go down in flames. MAVS 4-0. I’m a hater.

    • Mama SayZ, 10 years ago Reply

      Whys you’re REALLY wearing your feelings on your sleeve with this one, huh? lol!

  4. G-Whizz, 10 years ago Reply

    Question is..Who is Michael cheering for??????????????????

    • Mama SayZ, 10 years ago Reply

      Truthfully, he’s probably not even watching the playoffs. He’s more likely in the studio making music when he’s not in the gym.

  5. Ashley Maisano, 10 years ago Reply

    Good choice Fatima.. Go Mavs!!

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