How Boston will burnout the Heat!?!

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With two eastern powerhouses about to go at it like Mel Gibson and (Insert minority group or woman’s name) I think it is time to lend some of my insights into what could be the most anticipated matchup of the playoffs. The Celtics and Heat matchup poses an interesting dichotomy between talent and group dynamics. On the surface both teams may come across as different as Tiger Woods and Mick Jagger but thanks to invasive paparazzi, narcissism and general boredom we learn that they are in fact quite similar.

For those of you who forgot the wonderfully orchestrated wizadry of Danny Ainge in 2007, let me remind you that he took a 2006-2007 Celtics team with a 24-58 record and turned them into a 66-16 NBA Champion.  That is an astounding 42 game turnaround! This is like having Roseanne Barr as your girlfriend for a few years and then one day waking up next to Katie Perry. It’s unfathomable and to the local player hater, completely  unfair. Sound familiar? Boston created the first modern three headed monster in KG, Allen and Pierce. This green giant was vilified for operating outside of NBA social norms kind of like how you have a free pass at promiscuity on vacation; it’ contextual. You can make an argument for the Spurs with Manu, Parker and TD but that was an organic process. When was the last time we saw three hall of famers come together in one season while still in their primes? I honestly don’t know.  Similarly to Boston, the Heat (or should I say Pat Riley) created an instant contender with Three transcendent players in Lebron, Wade and Bosh entering their primes; with two of the three arguably the best in the world.  Clearly there is concern over the legality over the formation of Los Tres Amigos and whether they conspired to play together in the 2008 Olympics. Trying to prove a claim like this is futile because which guy hasn’t talked about taking his best buds to an exotic location filled with attractive women who throw themselves at you while figuring out a way to play sports all day while also getting paid. The different between them and you is that they actually made it happen. Fine! I understand the decision to take one’s talents to South Beach with the exception of Lebron’s infamous “ The Decision” and the fact that Chris Bosh fittingly looks like a Raptor.  The circumstances may not have been the same but the outcome ultimately was for Celtics Circa 2007 and Miami Circa 2010: A basketball powerhouse.

Now that we have a grip on both teams initial three man core (I will address this point shortly) we must also mention that both teams are coached through a defensive mantra. It is no secret that defense wins Championships in basketball and both Erik Spoelstra and Doc Rivers instill this mentality through their coaching ethos.  The only difference is that the former does not have the same level of confidence from his players that the latter has. Since I do not know either coaches personally this may sounds rather subjective but logic tells me that playing together for 4 seasons garners greater respect and reverence than playing together for 1 season. Just saying.

Now I will address the reason for this posting which is to predict who will win the series. I will start off by saying I predict Boston will win in 6 games. I picked 6 because I think a sweep is highly unlikely and more importantly it is my lucky number. Basketball is a game of matchups and I do not see how the Heat’s front court can test the aggressive and physical nature of Boston. Although Boston started with a big 3 everyone knows this 3 headed monster is supported by the neck of Rajon Rondo. The entire offense runs through him and his soft gentle eyes. He is a wonderfully crafty guard with impeccable court vision who also plays stingy defense. He is an absolutely perfect fit for the Celtics like a fresh pair of underwear that you save for the right occasion except you have 7 pairs for each day of the week. Get it? Also,  Miami doesn’t have a functioning PG. Personally I like Lebron at point for his high basketball IQ but than you sacrifice rebounds and what do you do with Bibby who BTW is only 32 (still basketball prime)! Shaq is slated to come back sometime in this series yet even with him out you have Haslem (who won’t be the same), Anthony, Bosh and Dampier who have to constantly battle with the likes of KG, Big Baby, Jermaine O’neal , Troy Murphy, Kristic and Jeff Green. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce can guard Lebron and Wade though they will be outplayed,  I suspect marginally, because of massive body traffic in the paint. Boston has five players who are 6’11 or taller. Also let’s not forget Rondo frustrated Lebron in last year’s matchup. Miami might have the three best players in the series but Boston has the better team. I simply do not think that the Heat have the experience, depth or grit to get by Boston.  As much as there are similarities Boston is the refined and cohesive alter-ego of the Miami Heat. This series will be exciting (and maybe predictable)but like Amy Winehouse, The Memphis/Spurs series, and Lance from Nsync crazier things have happened.

Who do you think will win?

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  1. Jeff Nehajowich, 9 years ago Reply

    Nice post Lawrence. I hope you’re right, I would love to see Rondo and his soft, gentle eyes are able to outlast the the big 3 douchebags. It seems like Lebron is playing on another level right now, this worries me…

  2. Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, 9 years ago Reply

    Nice post Lawrence. I think you underestimate Miami’s athleticism. They are quite agile and quite limber (unlike my back). I predict that Miami will take the first two games in Miami (just throwing out numbers here: game 1: 99-90 for MIA and/or game 2: 102-91 MIA); Miami in six.

    Obviously these are long shots but just call it a hunch.

    Go MIAMI!

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