“I could feel it, coming In The Air tonight…Lebron”

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This is it: It was last year that Lebron James took off his Cavaliers jersey in the tunnel of TD Garden for the last time after the second straight, second round loss to the Celtics. In July, he took “his talents to South Beach” to warm waters and teammates who could run beside him like Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

All the hype from the gaudy pre-Championship celebration to “cry-gate” to winning the first two games vs. the Celts has led to this. Yesterday, Lebron played a terrible game at TD Garden for Game 3 and it left me wondering if his “Celtic-itis” is kickin in.

Tomorrow, is Game 4 and the smart money is that the Celtics will win and go back to American Airlines Arena tied at 2. But, the Heat have a chance to change that fate. Lebron himself has a chance to exorcise the demons that live in his head from two straight second round losses. “Use the force Luke” was what Obi-Wan Kenobi said to Luke Skywalker when he was hurdling toward the target on the Death Star and preparing to lock target with his tracking device. You all remember? then when Luke heard his mentor, he disconnected his tracking device and let the force “flow through him” to arm the torpedoes correctly and put them through the small target, blowing up the Death Star!

Lebron must do the same. Don’t force the issue. Don’t try to make everyone “a witness”. Forget about the TV commercials, the money, your entourage and your influence. Use the post game, your defense, your basketball IQ together with the game plan developed by the coaching staff. Enhance it! because you will find the moment when you must rise up! and be called upon to perform. Only then will you know, not before. Luke says in Empire Strikes Back during his training with Yoda, “I don’t believe it” (when he sees Yoda lift an X-Wing fighter from the bog). Yoda says, “That is why, you fail.” Believe it my boy, you’ve got the coaches, the team and the City surrounding you. Buy into it.

When you’re walking through the tunnel into TD Garden, know that this is true.

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    Lebron proved tonight that he is capable of taking over a game when he wants. Eric did you also notice he was very hesitant Game 3…settling for lots of outside contested shots? Miami vs Mavs final would be spectacular basketball !!

  2. Eric Labrador, 9 years ago Reply

    He took a HEEWWWGE step last night. Now, its time to keep putting it together. Yes, Game 3s performance led to this blog.

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