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Over the last few weeks I’ve been pulled in every direction imaginable. I can’t even begin to say how much I’m realizing just how much my “yester-life” seems like a mini vacation!

Well, first of all, I made it to Miami for the 9th Annual Hats Off Luncheon hosted by Honey Child by TWM. The organization itself is such a positive way to teach our young girls how to become women. I was able to hang out with my dearest friend from Miami, Yvette Morrell, and catch up with everything that we haven’t been able to catch up with on our weekly and in some cases daily phone calls. I was also able to say my hellos to other familiar faces like Chris Riley, Kelly Arison(daughter of Heat owner), Lisa Joseph(D-Wade’s Asst), Lisa Lee(former co-host of HeatTV) and so many more… Although I enjoyed the luncheon and socializing the best thing for me was to find out what all the hype was when it came to the fragrances by TWM Honey Child. I am absolutely in love with FRIEND! To find out more about them you can go to www.honeychild.net.

For Mother’s Day I spent the day with my 2 youngest roommates, my mom and my sister and her family. It was very relaxing however, I realized then that I missed my older roommates more than I could’ve imagined. When my kids were younger I thought the perfect Mother’s Day present would be for them to be wisped off by some other family member in order for me to have a day of peace and quiet. In the recent years I would give anything just to have the noise of my roommies in the house, fussing and fighting, laughing and joking, and then eating until their bellies burst and watch them fall off to sleep wherever they end up at.

My sister and I are in the process of preparing for the doors to open for our new salon, The Hair Spa, in the coming weeks and it seems to be draining what little bit of sanity I had tucked away out of me at rapid speeds. The contractors try their best not to contact me directly by streamlining most things thru my sister for fear that I may have their heads for dinner! LOL! I’m rally not that bad BUT when heads need to roll, I’m your girl!

While speaking of HEADS ROLLING, I’m sitting here in the waiting area of the Ourisman Jeep Chrysler waiting for my jeep to be serviced which is taking longer than usual which wouldn’t be a problem if Malik aka @SexyMalik4Ever didn’t miss the school bus this morning and is waiting at home for me to be his personal chauffer. With that being said, let me go rattle a few chains in the garage.

Sorry folks but “technical difficulties” are preventing me from getting to the questions left for me but I will reply directly to them when the issues are resolved.

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  1. Harold M, 8 years ago Reply

    Fatima, what celebs (players included) were at the charity event?

  2. Jennifer Shackter, 8 years ago Reply

    Does Kelly get involved in the Heat operations? Or she simply there for the limelight? Im interested in knowing the insides of an NBA organization!

  3. Jonah'sGood, 8 years ago Reply

    What city is your hair salon in? Any NBA relation to it, or is it a seperate project?

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