Mavs or Mav-nots?

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Its been quite the run for theses Mavericks of Dallas.

11straight seasons of 50+ wins. That’s almost unheard of in today’s NBA. This has been a dominant team that has thrilled and excited their fans every year; during the Regular Season that is.

The Playoffs start and it all changes.  With the exception of 1 NBA Finals appearance and a Western Conference Final appearance, The Mavs have disappointed fans year after year.

This year however, it just feels different. The 2010/2011 version seems destined for greatness. How could they not be? After dismantling the 2-time reigning Champion Lakers 4 games to none they are a serious force to reckon with. Can it be? Can these Mavs finally get over the proverbial hump that has stopped them year after year? Although their opponent in the Western Finals is yet to be determined, this veteran squad is primed for greatness and will definitely be rested and ready whoever they end up playing.

Mark Cuban and General Manager Donnie Nelson have constructed quite the squad this year.  The team is full of stars who have performed year in and year out in Dirk, J-Kidd, The Jet and Shawn Marion but a couple roster moves in particular as widely discussed have given the Mavs a much needed edge heading into the Western Finals. 

Who  would have thought prior to the season beginning that bringing in Tyson Chandler would have such an impact on their roster?  With Brendan Haywood signed for another 5 years and $50 million, it looked to be nothing more than insurance as Chandler had battled injuries the past couple of seasons.  Chandler and Haywood split starter minutes but eventually Chandler outplayed Haywood and won the starting nod.  It’s been clear to see if you dissect Maverick games during these playoffs just how effective he has been.  He has bolstered the teams defense and has become the difference maker for a team that lacked aggression and at times in recent history looked lost on the boards against larger Western Conference rosters.

A second seemingly insignificant move was the signing of Peja Stojakovic mid-season.  Peja, has done nothing but drain 3′s for the Mavs since his return from injury and was instrumental in the game 4 destruction of the Lakers as he went 6-6 from beyond the arc.  He along with Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and Dirk are further extending the defense and allowing for other players to penetrate the lane making it easy for these sharp-shooters to drain three pointers.  He looks like the Peja of old as he drops bombs from beyond the arc back in his Sacramento King days as he summons the ghost of Peja-Past!

This team is just scary right now.  They showed a bit of weakness in their series versus the Trail Blazers, allowing Portland to tie the series at 2.  They did eventually win games 5 and 6 quite easily and have yet to lose since.  This team is on a roll right now and it’s unfortunate that Caron Butler is unable to join in the festivities.  He was shut down for the season due to knee surgery, but imagine this team with him on the floor. 

It’s going very well for the Mavs right now.  After 11 straight Playoff appearances, 1 trip to the Western Conference Finals (loss) and only 1 NBA Finals trip (05/06 Loss) it’s pretty safe to say that it’s about time they win it all.  They have 2 sure bet Hall of Famers (Nowitzki and Kidd), one of the greatest 6th men in NBA history (Jason Terry) and a bench that could rival some NBA teams’ starting 5.  So after their series victory over the Lakers it looks all but a sure thing that they return to the Finals…isn’t it?

Everything looks sunny for Dallas and Maverick faithful today.  With time to rest, and an easy playoff run thus far it’s hard to question their return to the finals…except for the fact they’ve been in this position before.  How many Maverick fans are sitting and holding their breath to see what happens next?  After the excitement settles in Texas and Maverick fans have a moment to analyze what has happened their has to be reservations about planning the parade route yet.

So as they await their opponent in the Western Conference Finals, whether OKC or Memphis the question has to be are they Finals bound or will the forever be know as Mav-Nots.

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  1. Zig, 9 years ago Reply

    I called the Mavs before the playoffs….I think Mario has been a really solid fit for them along with Tyson Chandler in the middle make them a very deep and dangerous team. Not to mention this long layoff should give Butler a chance to get game ready…..

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