Still processing Game 5

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Still processing Game 5

It was like, WOW. It couldn’t be believed. An 18-3 run to end the game and steal Game 5 to win the Eastern Conference Championship. The game and momentum was decidedly in favor of Chicago the whole night. The Miami players’ looked as if they were sleepwalking, waiting for a matchup with Dallas. Chicago looked as if it would stave off elimination to live another day and travel to Miami up 8 pts with two and a half mins and change remaining. Then WOW and it was over, Final score Miami 83, Chicago 80.
As Game 1 of the NBA Finals begins tonight, Heat fans should be wary of WOW. These mindboggling performances were done earlier in the season against Houston and Portland. Against Houston, the Heat were riding a consecutive road winning streak and Houston gave them all they could handle. The Heaters during their 21-1 December gave up the most points to an opponent in this game 119, but the offense just outscored Houston to win by six.
In January at Portland, the two teams were in a dogfight where Portland had a seven point lead with 1:42 remaining in the 4th quarter. Miami stormed back to tie the game and win in OT outscoring Portland 14 to 7 and win 107-100.

These were two tremendous obstacles because both Houston and Portland were formidable opponents, but both games led to changes in the Heat’s offensive approach in the half-court and defensive approach (allowing too many points). The Heaters in Games 3,4 and 5 versus the Bulls have relied on their Big Three and most notably Lebron to carry the team. They have all played unbelievable, but as the regular season showed, there individual talents should only be used sparingly. Case in point, that the team after these WOW moments in January went on a four game losing streak and lost five out of six. Their defense took a huge stumble giving up 98.9 pts per game in their next 10, different from the previous 12 where they allowed 94.5 and a stingy 85.5 in the 10 games before that.  This team is Defense, Defense, Defense all the way.

They cannot get into a “trading baskets” dogfight with Dallas. Dallas has the weapons to play that game and win. Coach Spoelstra has preached all year that the team should play to their “identity” and if they have to “grind games out”. The performance of the Heaters is strongest when following this philosophy. At times, they do get “Hollywood” as Joakim Noah put during a locker room interview and try for circus passes and home run shots.

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  1. Be Easy, 9 years ago Reply

    Eric….The Heat can trade baskets with any team in this league!! For goodness sake they took out the BULLS AND CELTICS in 5 games a piece!!! Either of those teams would give the Mavs a run for their Money!!

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