The New Era

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With the Oklahoma City Thunder winning game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals by 15, the stage is set for perhaps one of the most competitive conference matchups in NBA playoff history.  It’s not going to be pretty folks and the league didn’t get some of the star power that they think people crave but we at least won’t have to worry about a potential Atlanta / Memphis finals.  No offense intended to fans of the must be “rebooted” Hawks and upstart Grizzlies.  Both teams fought hard before falling in six and seven games respectively but a brand new group seemed destined to reach this fabulous foursome.  Joining the Thunder are the Bulls, Heat, and Mavericks.  

It’s a changing of the guard in the “new” NBA.  The time where new superstars are born and right when the league might be facing a work stoppage.  Star power isn’t always the sexy teams like the Lakers, Boston, and the Knicks and it isn’t always the long-time household name players (i.e. Kobe, Manu, Shaq, and Nash).  This time there are some of the best in the league for the last few years… (LeBron, D. Wade, and Dirk) mix in with the best of the youngsters including the MVP Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook).  Nobody should be upset with arguably six of the NBA’s best players still alive with a legit chance to win it all.  All are in their prime with only Dirk Nowitzki being anywhere close to being in decline. 

Memo to David Stern… please don’t shut down right when basketball has had more momentum than it’s had since the Jordan era.  The MVP is only 22 years young.  Can anyone picture how good Derrick Rose will be once his body matures?  Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook might not be together long seeing that they both have the “alpha dog” complex but wow!  Both guys are 22 as well and although Westbrook seems destined to don a Laker uniform (you heard it here first, forget the Dwight Howard rumors), they are scary and should be showcased.  I haven’t even mentioned Joakim Noah, Serge Ibaka, Chris Bosh, Luol Deng, James Harden, and the resurging Tyson Chandler.  Stars on defense, perennial stars, and late bloomers be darned. 

The league is good hands everybody.  All we have to do is sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show.  May the new era begin today; the torch has officially been passed.

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  1. Jasyon Ryan, 9 years ago Reply

    It will never be the late 80′s/90′s when we had Bird/MJ/Magic/Isiah roaming the court, but these yiung guys are fun to watch.

    Its a different type of ball now. Much much faster.

  2. RapsRedFan, 9 years ago Reply

    I love the game much more now. Its so much more exciting and its like a soap oprah.

    Much more to see, and the dunks are crazyyyyy

  3. KyleB, 9 years ago Reply

    Nothing will ever come close to the bird vs magic rivalry, or MJ and the BUlls vs the KNicks. Now tha was ball.

    We dont have the rivalries like we used to in the league. Its great, just no true rivalries.

  4. ernestjames, 9 years ago Reply

    I completely agree with the fact that the NBA isn’t what it used to be but it’s the most entertaining than it’s been in the last 5 or 6 six years. @ Jason it is much faster than the Jordan years but if you had a chance to see b-ball in the Magic vs. Bird era, no team averaged less than 98 points.

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