And Then There Were Two..

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And Then There Were Two..

This is what we’ve all been waiting for. The NBA Finals is finally here and it has been a long and rigorous journey to what we now see upon us. The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks have obliterated top notch teams in previous series and now they face each other, hoping to take it all home. With the Dallas Mavericks sweeping up the Lakers, they had an undoubted confidence that led them to win the series against the Thunder even though they put up a good fight with the help of KD and Russell Westbrook, despite some of his failed “team work” as some may argue. Likewise, the Miami Heat has gotten this far, beating the Boston Celtics and then finishing the job, beating MVP D. Rose and his counterparts. Each of these teams has exhausted alumni teams who have participated in the playoffs plenty of times before. This left us all excited for this NBA Finals and what excitement it had to bring.
In game 1, Dallas struggled and everyone could evidently see that. I bet the Lakers were sitting at home, asking themselves, “Why couldn’t Jason Terry miss some of those when we played them and why isn’t Dirk’s one-legged jumper working now?” In addition to this, LeBron and his partner in crime Wade really stepped up and knew it was game time. Playoff basketball was definitely in action and we have more games to come to watch both teams do work. Who will take the chip? It’s kind of hard to tell, subjectively speaking. The Mavs are stacked with veteran shooters who can get the job done (Dirk, J. Kidd) and you know what it means when Jason Terry flies down the court with his arms soaring in the air like wings. But the Heat is a younger team who has shown that they have beaten the odds and found their rhythm. However, sadly to say, one of their pitfalls is consistency. This series is so exciting because nobody knows what will happen next. I guess it’s the NBA- where amazing happens.
Whoever knows me personally knows that LeBron James is my favorite player, next to Michael Jordan of course. So, it makes sense for me to go with the Heat to win the whole thing. They are showing signs of being championship worthy and I concur with the idea. In the beginning, LeBron took his talents to South Beach and he was trying to prove himself and it wasn’t quite working. As I watched him in the NBA playoffs, and now the finals, he is coming back to what I say is the “Cleveland LeBron.” He is making most of his attempted shots fearlessly and being aggressive. His confidence is back. I would love for the Miami Heat to win the chip and prove everyone wrong. Revenge is sweet. All I can say is stay tuned in.

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