Dirk’s Legacy?

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Dirk’s Legacy?

Dirk Nowitzki is by far one of the most talented NBA player’s from Europe I have ever seen.  He can dribble, has an incredible pull up jump shot, dirty post moves, can fade away and occasionally will take defenders off the dribble. But the question’s that have always plagued him are ‘Is he mentally tough enough’? and ‘Does he have enough heart to win it all’?

Without any doubt, Dirk might go down as the best Power Forwards’ of all-time and a first ballot Hall of Famer.  He has the most unorthodox and unstoppable move…a dribble left, spin right, off the wrong leg fade away and he is always about 99.99% with this shot.

He is another one of those players who takes his time and doesn’t feed into negativity.  He focuses on his game, gets better every night and has progressed every year. All players have had road blocks in their careers and he is just another one. I see nothing wrong with Dirk’s legacy so I don’t see why it should be questioned.

This era in Basketball we are witnessing is a reincarnation of some of the best talents in basketball.  Often, we tend to compare them to players of “old”, and the play of “old”.  Has anyone decided to ask whether or not the actual players of old would be able to keep up with the players of the new school?

They jump higher, they are more versatile, they have better ball handling skills and the size of these players is phenomenal. I think it would be hard for a Patrick Ewing or a Hakeem Olajuwon to contain Dirk who mostly plays perimeter and if he stepped out could easily dribble by Ewing.

He’s answered the question about heart and mental toughness because he’s willed himself and his team to the NBA Finals for the 2n and they routed a 22-5 come back against the Heat to take a Game 2 with Dirk closing out the game with a last second blow by lay-up on Chris Bosh. Ive always admired Dirk’s resilience and his drive and his push to be great and I think we can all say that his future after basketball will only show greatness title or no title.

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