Dwight Howard: Stay in Orlando.

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Dwight Howard: Stay in Orlando.

It started with the Lakers paring Shaq and Kobe, the Celtics pairing KG, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce, and finally the Heat trio of Bosh, Wade, and James.  So many teams in the NBA are trying to find their “BIG 3″ or whatever superstar tandem to put their team over the top.  The organic growth of NBA teams has been stunted by the current CBA and the power that players have over their teams.  You have players dictating where they would like to play (see Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams).  You have other players leaving their teams in the dark about their future plans (CP3, and Dwight Howard).  The NBA claims they are losing money and it is easily to see why.  The best teams in the NBA are just that much better than the worst teams in the NBA.  Each decade ushers in a new great team and a new terrible team; however, the rise of these teams are more due to poaching players than to growing teams.

There is something to be said about the purity of watching players as they get older.  This post is directly related to Dwight Howard.  As a Knicks fan, it would be great for the Knicks to poach this player, but for the NBA it would be terrible.  The Knicks have followed in this folly of trying to poach players.  It was not necessarily by choice as Isiah Thomas traded away every first round pick he got his hands on, but they have done the same.  With this in mind, Landry Fields, the Knicks rookie shooting guard who they deftly snatched in the 2nd round has quickly become a fan favorite.  He has done this by playing hard for his home crowd every night and people connect with him because he is OUR guy.  He was drafted by the Knicks to be a Knick.  I can only assume the same can be said about Dwight Howard.  This is one of the best players in the NBA.  If he ever shoots 75% from the foul line in a season he might easily become the best center of all time.  He is a once in a lifetime talent and has the mindset to boot.  Orlando’s fans have flocked to him and treat them as if he were one of their own.  The problem is, he is in Shaq territory.  Howard is getting close to free agency, and no one has any idea what he is thinking.  There is so much speculation that Orlando will either have to pull the plug and blow up their team or try to build for one more year to win it all.  There is a certain amount of respect for teams that are built surrounded by a home grown star.  Tim Duncan has made himself into one of the best power forwards of all time and combined with Parker and Ginobili have made the Spurs a dynasty.  Howard has the chance to do that as well; however, it does not seem like he will allow this to happen.  People are in his ear telling him he can be great somewhere else and win 15 rings anywhere he wants.  Howard just needs to remember, there is a lot of greatness involved in being a player who has played for one team.  Kobe, Olajuwon, Magic, Bird, Duncan.  All of them are considered great, and Howard can do the same.

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