Heading into the “Championship Rounds”

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Heading into the “Championship Rounds”

This is it–what the season has come down and the culmination of the NBA Championship. In a evenly contested series, the Heat head back to Miami for an elimination game with the Dallas Mavericks who hold the edge, 3 games to 2. It has been a “heavyweight fight” of sorts with each team trading wins on each other’s home court. Now, Dallas with its tough and scrappy team play led by Dirk Nowitzki has laid tremendous body blows to Heat which has weakened the will of the team.

Lebron James, who was superhuman with his offensive and defensive play in the Eastern semifinal and final rounds appears to have been “bottled up” by Dallas looking very pedestrian other than a triple-double in last night’s game. The “Big 3″ of the Heat have certainly found their “opposite” with this year’s edition of the Dallas Mavericks. Each game though has been hotly contested up until the fourth quarter which Dallas has owned in these last two games. The answers to questions appear to be less and less obvious which demands more from each sides coaching staff to exploit “hairline tears” in the other’s approach.

What is true is that none of the players on the bench or in the starting five left their desire at home. Each one has answered the call a fan would make of them by playing with fire, passion and athleticism. These last two games in Miami will be a proper climax. The visions and plays we will see will be extraordinary and surreal. This is truly a fight for the title or as in boxing terms “heading into the Championship rounds”, which are the 10th, 11th and 12th rounds of a fight which test the will of the combatants to move ahead of his equally apt opponent and clinch the title. As fans, we must all be tuned in on Sunday and, if necessary (which I think it will be), on Tuesday night. Its going to be wild.

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  1. MavWarrior, 10 years ago Reply

    If this is the championship round then the Mavs are going for the KO 2 nite BABBY !!!!!!!!!!

    Screw Lebum and lady bosh!!!!

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