Heart over Talent

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Heart over Talent

Miami, in the off season, rounded up two of the superstars of the game to play with another superstar of the game for one goal – To win the championship. Actually, to win multiple championships according to Lebron James. They celebrated and partied BEFORE the season as if they had won the ring! Only to find out it wasn’t easy. They were the ‘villain’ of the story according to the non-Miami fans who wanted them to lose. Miami were faced with plenty of troubles, injuries, lack of bench depth, point guard troubles, Coach and player concerns, criticisms, boos and a harder start to the season.

Now they have come together at the right time in the playoffs and have beaten Celtics and Bulls who beat them in the regular season 6-1 all up. Because of this win, Miami have brought back their sense of ‘entitlement’. A sense of we deserve it.

I believe there is a whole another story to it. A team called the Dallas Mavericks, who have a superstar in Dirk Nowitzki and many formidable and experienced players – Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler.

Dallas has one thing that Miami lacks…Heart.  A desire to win. Hard work beats talent any day! It showed in Game 4 last night.  Dirk had the flu, Haywood was hobbling around, yet they were able to muster the effort, the HEART to come from behind and win a pivotal game that would have put them in a 3-1 losing position if they lost!

That is what Talent can’t do. Talent can play, but Heart makes you play. That’s why the WORLD is hoping for Dallas to overcome the Heat in this finals series.

What an ending that would be to the story of a year of fantastic NBA.



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