Is Ricky Rubio going to be the next Fredric Weis?

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Is Ricky Rubio going to be the next Fredric Weis?

You have heard about this phenom for years.  You have Youtubed him to see him make sensational moves that players twice his age could not accomplish.  The talent, the tools, and the hype are all there, the only question is, Where is Ricky Rubio.

For the past couple of years Ricky Rubio has been milling his draft options.  Hoping to fall to the Knicks in the draft, he was deftly scooped up by David Kahn and the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Kahn confused many by selecting both Johnny Flynn and Rubio, and then went out and signed Ramon Sessions.  With all the added incentive to unload Rubio for more than Kahn originally got for him, Kahn pledged to attempt to sign Rubio and if Rubio would not come, he would not trade the rights to sign Rubio.  Rubio was definitely hoping to go to a big market team where he could play in a premier market.  The problem is Kahn, and FC Barcelona are standing in the way.

As it was already mentioned, Kahn will not relinquish the rights of Rubio.  The other issue is, Rubio’s team right now, FC Barcelona has him signed to a multi-million dollar contract with a buyout clause that would require Rubio to pay it out of his own pocket.  Rubio had the same problem last year and decided to stay in Spain.  Doing so his stock went down dramatically.  His showing against the Los Angeles Lakers was ordinary.  Brandon Jennings has repeatedly said that Rubio is nothing special.  A lot of the hype he had prior to this season began to disappear.  While experts say the talent is still there, some are questioning his mental toughness and physical makeup.

I referenced Fredric Weis, the French national best known for becoming very familiar with the crotch of Vince Carter.  Prior to this meeting, Weis was drafted by the New York Knicks in the first round in what many call the worst draft choice in recent memory.  Weis never suited up for the Knicks and they eventually traded his rights (ceremoniously), for the right to have Patrick Ewing Jr.  With Rubio staying in Spain, he is looking more like a European chicken rather than the next big thing.  I still believe he can be a premier player in the NBA.  He has great vision and sees the court better than most point guards in the NBA.  Whether or not he will bite and take a shot at the NBA is a completely different story.

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  1. KevDemon, 8 years ago Reply

    I think he will be in the NBA eventually, but for now he is just going to have to play out his contract. And when he does eventually get to the NBA we will all realize how useless he is. hes too small and not aggressive enough for the rigours of the NBA.

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