Jason Kidd Retiring?

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Jason Kidd Retiring?

After winning a greatly anticipated NBA title, most would think that Kidd would finally retire to end his career on a perfect note, but during Tuesday’s exit interviews, he clarified that he doesn’t plan on retiring. In fact, he thinks he has a few more years left in him.

“I got too much left in the tank,” he joked. “I’m going to go until the wheels fall off. I feel great mentally and physically. I understand that I’m not as fast as I was when I was 25, but just being competitive, I love being out there with the young guys.”

Kidd said he wouldn’t mind being a reserve and even mentoring a younger point guard, helping them understand what it takes to be consistent.

When asked about his retiring plans a few months back in March, he said he didn’t plan on retiring but the tables might turn if there were to be a lockout in the 2011-2012 season, and that he would then consider putting an end to his career.

Aside from Kidd, none of the other players on the Mavs want to retire just yet.

Dirk still has a few years in him as well. Peja Stojakovic and Brian Cardinal, who are also both coming across the end of their careers in the near future, also said that they hope to stay on the Mavericks. This summer they will both be free agents.

“I haven’t thought about that yet,” Stojakovic said of retirement. “I still enjoy the game. Even though I’m not the same player and I have to understand who I am at this point of my career, I still enjoy being out there. I still enjoy competing.”

“Cash in? Geez, I’m just looking to survive another year,” Cardinal said. “I’d love to stay here. It’s the best group of guys I’ve been around.”

So we’ll just have to sit back and relax until we know if their will be a 2011-2012 season; and who knows, maybe we’ll get to watch these great guys on the Mavs once again.

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