LBJ LBJ: How Many Shots Did You Miss Today?

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LBJ LBJ: How Many Shots Did You Miss Today?

While the old Vietnam War cry was referenced in the title, this will not be a disparaging diatribe against one LeBron James.  The self-proclaimed villain of the NBA for once will be spared from my sharp tongue and instead will be given a chance at redemption.  With the season over and Miami’s once lively playoff hopes crushed by Dirk’s Mavs, the spotlight will now be on LeBron James to see how he handles the adversity.

His first remarks were not exactly classy, stating something along the lines of with the season over, people are going to have nothing to do like they did during the season (James Referring to people hating on him).  While his comments were something of an egocentric type, you cannot exactly blame him.  The amount of praise he has gotten since he has been drafted has been like no other.  If you listened to Mike Breen, he was chomping at the bit for something positive for him to say to showcase LeBron’s talent.  The expectations of LBJ have gotten so high, that at some point he had to falter.

With all this being said, humility is something that needs to be dealt with now.  LeBron has the ability to repair the evil image that he has garnered.  While he will never have the full support of “all” of his former fans, he can win a lot of them back.  The first thing LeBron needs to do is admit to what happened.  He needs to tell all that he choked, that he was pass first and was not consistent in the playoffs.  He then needs to make a vow that the way he played is no longer acceptable and hold himself personally accountable for his poor performance.  People love to hear someone admit failure, and then they love the comeback that person achieves the next year.  He also needs to spend the summer in somewhat of a recluse.  Stay out of the public eye as often as possible.  The lack of visibility will let people know that the previous season is on his mind and he is working on ways to change the outcome in the next season.  While some people might disagree with these ideas, they have the right.  There are plenty of philosophies that clash when it comes to failures such as James.  The point is though, he has a chance to remedy his image and win a championship at the same time.

You think about all the greats, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan.  The common denominator between all of them is, when someone talked trash, or insinuated something about them, these players would come out and prove them wrong.  Recently, Kobe was talked about as being too old and that his best basketball was behind him.  He then went out and won an NBA championship.  When Jordan came back to the NBA, people doubted he would be good again.  The Utah Jazz found him to be a handful.  LeBron James can put himself in that category.  The talent is there and there is no question about that.  The will and desire to be the best IS in question.  You have seen great players never win an NBA championship for reasons unexplained (Ewing, Iverson, Nash).  LeBron has the opportunity to take himself off of this list.  We shall see (barring a lockout), if he is able to change that.

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