Lebron, Wade, Kobe: No Comparison to Jordan

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Lebron, Wade, Kobe: No Comparison to Jordan

This blog post isn’t to compare the above athletes to Michael Jordan. The eternal comparisons of any athlete to Jordan by all of the news agencies and ESPN are in vain because each of these men has written their own story in NBA history and it has added, not subtracted to the game of basketball. Just like Jordan before him wrote his story as it was not at all easy, the NBA should not live or die if another Jordan cannot be found. It is a ridiculous comparison and discussion. It is even boring to discuss as talk show fodder.

Kobe came straight out of High School and so did Lebron–Michael Jordan didn’t. Wade carried the Marquette Eagles to the final four in 2002, Jordan was a role player on the ’82 Tarheels whose featured players were James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Matt Dougherty. Lebron was drafted by the Cavaliers in ’03 and had the hopes of Cleveland and his home state of Ohio placed on his shoulders. Jordan was drafted by Chicago and he is from North Carolina. Kobe, Wade and Lebron have had Shaq at different points in his career. Jordan never had a dominant center while he was in Chicago.

Jordan, of course, retired in ’93, played minor-league baseball and came back in 1995. He returned, won three championships, retired again, bought minority ownership with the Washington Wizards, drafted Kwame Brown, played for the Wizards, retired again and now is VP of Basketball Operations for Charlotte. Kobe speaks several languages, was caught cheating on his wife and had to admit it in a press conference. Lebron & Wade are great friends and last year chose along with Chris Bosh to form a superteam in the free agent summer of 2010. Jordan never left Chicago as a free agent, had a gambling problem and never had friends on other teams. Finally in what is the most obvious and repeated time and time again, Jordan has six championships and Kobe, Lebron and Wade only have five combined.

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  1. ZIg, 9 years ago Reply

    No one playing in the NBA should be even mentioned in the same breath as MJ…i hate these comparisions getting tossed around these days…..MJ was a cold blooded game closer…nothing like him in the game today..lets put it to rest!!!

  2. StopTheHating, 9 years ago Reply

    If Miami squeezes out the championship the comparisons will continue!!

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