LeBron’s Legacy

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LeBron’s Legacy

In game four, one future “hall of famer” was playing with a sinus infection that lead to a 102 degree fever.  In game five, another future “hall of famer” played hard after a hard foul by “The Custodian” and suffering a hip contusion.  The other future “hall of famer” has struggled in the fourth quarter of every final’s game ever since Scottie Pippen dubbed him as perhaps the greatest player of all-time.

The spotlight is on LeBron James and it’s been that way ever since “The Decision”.  No player has had to deal with such scrutiny in the NBA the way that LeBron has.  I mean, everything is magnified, put on a scale and weighed, poked and prodded and he has played through it all.  It begs me to ask the question, is it deserved?  Is all of the hatred necessary?  LeBron is getting flak from Charles Barkley, Mike Wilbon, among others.  A total of eight points in game four goes a long way in establishing the legacy of the most talented player to ever play the game but the impact is a negative one.

When you put the attention on yourself and call yourself  the “King”, you cannot allow yourself to be held to a measly eight points on the biggest stages of your career.  Michael Jordan would have never been held to eight points.  Let alone 20 points in a back and forth game.  I can’t recall the last big named player to be held to under 10 points in the finals.  Can you?  I know that the Dallas’ defense was masterful in going switching from a 3-2 zone, to man to man, then to a box and one, and back to man to man (my fingers are tired from breaking down the defensive plays).  It was just genius.  It was confusing the Heat the entire fourth quarter.  Game five was more of the same.   This time LeBron had a triple-double going 17-10-10 but he was never really aggressive throughout like the previous series.  Two free throws for the game tell the story.

I want to go back in history for a moment.  Anyone remember the Lakers / Suns series a few seasons ago?  Remember a guy named Kobe Bryant taking on the role of the facilitator in a close-out game?  What about the criticism he received before and after that game?  Fast forward to now and how LeBron was grilled about shooting the Heat out in game two and virtually ignoring a red-hot Dwayne Wade late in the game.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Since his disinterested game versus the Suns, Kobe has won two more titles.  The lesson was learned.  LeBron James, you’re officially on the clock and your status as the G.O.A.T. is on the line.  How many titles for you?  Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks might deny your bid this year.  What decision would you make after that?

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  1. Paul, 9 years ago Reply

    I’m convinced LBJ is betting on the games…mentally he just inst there…. something is up!!

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