Miami Heat Dodge a Bullet

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Miami Heat Dodge a Bullet

The Heat were just on the verge of another collapse in this game, but made their shots and escaped OT with Dirk missing his jumper at the end of the game. Dallas clearly played better in the second half with the highlight being the 17-3 run where Nowitzki scored 12 straight points. The Heat appeared again to rest on their laurels after racing to score the first eight points of the second half. They stopped attacking the basket or even trying to penetrate through moving the offense around and began to settle for long three pointers from Dallas’ interior defense pushing them out and walling off the paint.

On individual performances, it was Dirk vs. Wade tonight. Lebron seems adamant to back Marion down on the post and is not letting it go that Marion plays good defense. Bosh was passing up shots left and right and had an awful second half only redeeming himself with the game-winning shot. Wade attacked in the first half, going strong to the basket through Maverick defenders and then brought the ball up court and rebounded well finishing with 11.

Dirk’s play has been fantastic, finishing with 34 points and 11 rebounds. Jason Kidd made Wade work for his points and offensively dished out 11 assists. Jason Terry scored 15 and JJ Barea added some three pointers as the Dallas bench outscored Miami’s bench who were non-existent. Udonis Haslem finished with four rebounds, Mario Chalmers had 12 points but 2 assists and Mike Miller didn’t score. Dallas’ defense has baffled Miami in this series and they throw them a “curveball” in their adjustments where the Heat do not know what to do. They were forced into several 24 sec violations in the 2nd half because Heat players were walled off at every turn. The Heat are showing a trend of “no confidence” in their point guards where Bibby makes only an appearance in the 1st quarter and Chalmers goes till the end of the 1st half with Wade & Lebron taking the ball up court the rest of the way.

This series is very evenly matched but as long as Miami fades in the second half, Dallas will have a chance to win each game. Miami must figure out the Dallas defense and play a full 48 mins without “resting on their laurels” when they rocket out to a lead with the momentum.

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  1. G-Whizz, 9 years ago Reply

    I don’t understand why Lebron WONT attack the basket!!??!!??

    • Eric Labrador, 9 years ago Reply

      Thats what Wade probably got in Lebron’s face about during the game. Dallas’ D follows the strategy of “packing the paint” to stop the drives to the basket.

      • G-Whizz, 9 years ago Reply

        Well then Bron and Dwade need to show more confidence in finding the open…Chalmers….Haslem….they are even more potent when they play smart basketball with good ball movement!!! Ultimately you want the ball in one of their hands but MIami’s role players are not afraid to take an open look!!

        • Eric Labrador, 9 years ago Reply

          Dallas has been doing a good job of playing Lebron on D. The coaching staff has been “aces” all year. I give them a good chance to figure out how to free him.

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