Money in the bank!

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Money in the bank!

Heading into this last season, Tyson Chandler’s career appeared to be up in the air.  After battling injuries for the last few seasons, Chandler was playing for The Charlotte Bobcats and expected yet another season full of disappointment.  After all, the Bobcats weren’t expected to compete, let alone compete for a Playoff spot.

Prior to the beginning of the 2010/2011 season a trade rumor became public that had Chandler heading to the Toronto Raptors in a multi-player deal.  After having second thoughts and luckily for Chandler, Bobcat team Owner Michael Jordan had reservations about the deal and rescinded the trade.  As it turned out, MJ’s hesitation to make that deal turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to Chandler’s and his career.  With the Raptors deal off the table, The Dallas Mavericks swooped in and made Charlotte an offer they couldn’t refuse and Chandler was on his way to Dallas to play for the eventual World Champion Mavericks.

Tyson was the last ever player to be drafted directly out of High School to the NBA and has always been a solid rebounding, shot blocking contributor.  His career has been filled with promise, and Chandler has shown small glimpses of what could be many times through his young career.  He has bounced around with a few teams (Chicago, New Orleans, Charlotte and Dallas) but never seemed to find the perfect fit.

This year, however was the year Chandler finally proved to the NBA and his critics what he was capable of as he earned the starting Center nod over Brendan Haywood and put up the numbers to back it up.  Averaging 10.1ppg and 9.4rpg Chandler provided the Mavs the inside presence they have been missing in past years.  He solidified a defence on a team that desperately needed help on the glass from someone they knew could hold down the fort if they were to make a deep Playoff push.

And what a push they made.  With the help of Chandler and his 8.0ppg and 9.0rpg the Mavs are now NBA Champions and many including myself have spoken of the importance of Tyson Chandler to the Mavs winning the title this season.  His rebounding and shot blocking/altering was instrumental to the Mavs winning the title as well as his overall presence on the court.  He proved that he is definitely a starter in this league and that he is more than capable of helping a team drive through to the Playoffs.

The question now of course is whether or not Tyson Chandler is going to return to the Mavericks.  As CHandler is set to become a Free Agent, it’s safe to assume that he is going to demand top dollar once again as he has proved himself to be quite the valuable asset.  The Mavs and Owner Mark Cuban have spoken about the desire to repeat, and unless they re-sign Tyson to a new contract the odds of that happening aren’ nearly quite as high.

Whether he returns to The Big D or plays elsewhere, Chandler has shown that when 100% healthy he is a dominant Center in the league and will be worth every penny he is paid as his effort is second to none.

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