Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now…

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Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now…

How do you know if you’re with the right agent? I mean, how do you choose? Here’s a better question: Are you the “chooser” or the “chosen”?

With the draft coming up in the next week or so it got me to think about the whole process of choosing an agent. When is the right time for a player and their family to start looking for an agent? I guess according to NCAA rules the political time would be after a player has opted to put their name in the NBA Draft. But who are we kidding?

For most top players in the country agents have been a part of their lives way before the players has even known. You have some agents that sit around nonchalantly in gyms as if they are college coaches or recruiters. Then you have some agents who invest into AAU basketball programs to make sure that they have access to the cream of the crop. And then there are the agents who befriend someone that knows someone else who coincidently knows a distant member of said player’s family. And let us not forget the agents who have “runners” (I think that’s the name which they’re called.

Not all agents have a gimmick to getting new clients though. There are agents who still rely on the reputation of their hard work over the years and recommendations from various NBA affiliates as well as word of mouth from some of their current clients.

Nonetheless, the decision should be well thought out and the player should not be pressured in any way by anyone that has been associated with the agent. This is a process that should feel good for all involved. The young men entering the draft should definitely have an objective person along side of them when finalizing the decision and EVERYTHING should be on the table for ALL to see. No secret meetings, no private phone calls, and especially no contract signing without all pertinent parties available.

Also, if an agent is chosen and it doesn’t seem to work out for whatever reason I think that all parties involved should be mature enough about the decision to part ways with out trying to be vindictive.

Just agree to disagree and move on.

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  1. Knick88, 8 years ago Reply

    Agents fall into the same category as Lawyers…maybe one step up on the sleezebag totem pole !!!

  2. Jayson Ryan, 8 years ago Reply

    Fatima, these agents grease the pockets of players from the time they get on the basketball map. Do research on any players and you see that they are a part of players lives from day 1. Do you think Lebon wasnt handed everything he has ever had? Not a silver platter, its a platinum platter these players have and the agents are just the means for the rewards!

  3. Jamie Monastarky, 8 years ago Reply

    Agents are integral to a players growth, and more importantly financial future. These guys, although slimey at times are the most important pewrson in any players future. A smart college player waits until the last minute to hire one to see where the mock drafts put them!

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