NBA Finals Game 6: Mavs Win 105-95, Mavs Win Championship

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NBA Finals Game 6: Mavs Win 105-95, Mavs Win Championship

The Dallas Mavericks were just one win away from their first NBA title; just one win away from avenging the Miami Heat from beating them in 2006; just one win away from leaving behind all the bad names and phrases they were given: “one and done”, “soft”, “too old”; just one win away from proving everyone wrong.

Well, in Game 6, the Mavs fought hard and never stopped playing till the final buzzer sounded and achieved the greatest thing you could do in the NBA: winning a Championship.

Haywood was dressed but Carlisle didn’t plan on putting him in the game as he was still battling a hip flexor injury.

This game was a roller coaster ride filled with constant runs for both teams as well as heated moments and controversy.

While both teams were exchanging runs in the first quarter, Nowitzki had a rare off-night from the field when he began to struggle and finished the first half 1-12 with just 3 first half points.

Lebron on the other hand had a great start as he made all of his first shots early on in the first quarter but then suddenly missed his next four straight shots late in the first into the second quarter; he had just 2 points in the final 19+ minutes of the half.

With Nowitzki struggling in the first half, Dallas obviously needed some help from their supporting cast, so it was Terry who stepped up. Terry was on fire as he went 8-10 from the field and scored 19 first half points.

Although Nowitzki was missing from the field, the Mavs, thanks to Terry, were still up 55-51 at the half.

Miami took the lead again a minute into the third quarter, which also happened to be their last lead of the game, as Dallas took it back less than 30 seconds later and held onto it till the end.

Lebron went scoreless in the second half until he made a layup in the final minutes of the third quarter. This was followed by a 3-pointer by Kidd to put the Mavs up 79-71. Mahinmi then hit a buzzer-beater jumper, just his third basket of the series, to put Dallas up 81-72 before entering the final quarter.

The Mavs held onto the lead throughout the fourth quarter. Dirk hit a jumper with less than 3 minutes to go to put Dallas up 99-89. He continued to score along with Terry to officially put the game away for the Mavs, winning Game 6, 105-95, and winning their franchise’s first NBA title.

After struggling with the Heat’s suffocating defense in the first four games, the Mavs topped 100 points for the 2nd consecutive game. They shot 50% from the field, while hitting 11 3-pointers while Miami shot 47.2%.

Although Dirk struggled in the first half, he had 10 points in the final quarter, shooting 5-8 in the fourth. He finished with 21 total points on 9-27 shooting along with 11 rebounds.

Terry finished 11-16 from the field for a game-high 27 points. Terry entered Game 5 shooting less than 40% from 15+ feet in the Finals. In the past 2 games, he found his shots and made more field goals than in the first 4 games combined. He made a series-high 7 such field goals in Game 6, the most by any player in one game in this Finals. The last player to do this was the Pacers’ Austin Croshere in the 2000 Finals against the Lakers.

JJ Barea finished with 15 points while Marion added 12 points to make it four Mavs in double figures. Stevenson finished with 9 points after shooting three 3-pointers. Kidd had 9 points and 8 assists.

Wade and James both struggled in this game. They combined to shoot 15 of 31 from the field but neither of them put on a great show. Lebron finished with 21 points and 6 assists while Wade added 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. For the rest of the Heat, Bosh had 19 points and 8 rebounds, and Chalmers finished with 18 points of his own.

Dirk and Kidd became the 5th and 6th players in NBA history to win their first NBA title after already making 10+ All-Star teams. Dirk also became the 11th player in NBA history to have at least 10 All-Star game appearances as well as a regular season MVP and a Finals MVP.

Coach Carlisle joined the elite group of people who have won NBA titles as both a player and a head coach.

The good guys finally won what they deserve. Kidd got his first championship at 38 years old, Dirk at 32 and Terry at 33.

And Lebron has now lost twice in the finals, once before to the Spurs in 2007.

Some quotes from the players and coaches:

“We worked so hard and so long for it, the team has had an unbelievable ride.”-Dirk Nowitzki

“It goes without saying. You’re never really prepared for a moment like this. Neither team deserved this championship more than the other, but Dallas earned it.”-Coach Spoelstra

“It doesn’t weigh on me.. at all.”-Lebron James

“I could care less about the Heat.”-Mark Cuban

“This is a true team. This is an old bunch. We don’t run fast or jump high. These guys had eachother’s backs. We played the right way. We trusted the pass. This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas.”-Coach Carlisle

“Their time will come,” Carlisle said. “But now, it’s our time.”

So once again, Congratulations to the 2011 NBA Champions: the Dallas Mavericks!

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